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Manhattan lip gloss and blush / Review and Swatches

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Thursday, October 31, 2013
lip gloss blush review
blush review
review swatch

Hi, girls! Summer is already over, but I so want to keep some warm memories about those hot days. So I decided, that will use just bright cosmetics in warm shades and shimmering texture. Few days ago I owned High Shine lip gloss and Powder Rouge Tender Touch blush both products by Manhattan

Powder Rouge Tender Touch
3,50 € 

So the first product I bought was Powder Rouge Tender Touch. It comes in transparent case and with a little brush to apply this blush. Sure, I will not use the brush to apply it, but it has very good quality - soft and dense. I think that brush, was made from natural hair. Powder Rouge is available in four different colours - from warm pinkish to light chocolate shade. My colour is 53 N 'fresh peach', which includes many glitter and have pleasant texture. Powder Rouge is not matte, but very shiny. It lasts on my face almost all day long, but, sure, it also depends on the foundation. By the way, this blush includes vitamin E, which is nourishing your skin during the whole day.
review blush

High Shine lip gloss
5,95 € / 5 ml

The second product, which attracted my eye was High Shine lip gloss. To tell the truth, I`m not a big fan of this lip gloss. It has very watery consistency and almost totally transparent. There are 13 shades in High Shine collection, hope other colours are more nice.  But as a moisturizer this lip gloss works very good.
review swatch

Thank you, girls, for taking time to read my blog. If you liked it, stay with me for more interesting posts. See you later ;)

GlamST - Test beauty products virtually

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Monday, October 28, 2013

Hi dears, today I want to share with you one magical application that I`ve heard about recently. Every one likes to do online shopping, we buy clothes, computer equipment and cosmetics. But sometimes it is hard to choose something, because we never know how the product will look on us. For example, I have a very fair skin tone and it is very hard for me to choose foundation or powder without testing it on firstly. But thanks to GlamST I can test products shades before buy it.

GlamST "GlamStreet" is a new application for testing cosmetics online. You can simply upload your own picture,  try many different makeups and choose which look will be perfect for you. More than this you will learn about the latest trends and products and will learn how to apply makeup in the corrects way.

For all of you who are interested more information you will find here. I will also pin a short video below if you want to see how GlamST works. See you very soon, ladies, kisses:)

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Essence Colour Arts Pigments / Review and Swatches

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Monday, October 28, 2013
review swatches
strawberry smoothie cotton candy smell the caramel
strawberry smoothie cotton candy smell the caramel

Bonsoir, dear girls! First time a saw this Pigments by Essence in a little review about on youtube and I became obsessed by it. I wanted to try them sooo much! On this week I finally bought three colours to try.

So I`ve owned three shades : 02 - smell the caramel, 11 - cotton candy and 14 - strawberry smoothie. They are very pigmented and includes so many glitter - very bright and beautiful. I want to do a tutorial, using these gorgeous pigments later. Each bottle has a silicone flap under the plastic cover, to save pigments from spilling (just cotton candy doesen`t have, there was a sticker inside.) Covers are very tight, so you can be sure that other cosmetics in your make up bag will stay clean. 

Essence Pigments are available in 23 pretty colours. The main idea of Colour Arts pigments is the variations of usage. You can mix the shades together and create your new shades. You can use pigments as high lighter or bronzer. Or you can even mix them with clear nail polish and create exclusive nail lacquer! Just use your imagination:)

Colours are very beautiful and bright, but they demands an eyeshadow base or any other base as pencil, to make them look even more bright and last longer. For example, texture of cotton candy consist almost just from glitter, so to set it on the skin you need a very good base or it will have many fall outs.

essence pigments swatches

I liked these pigments by Essence so much, that I even decided to use them for my wedding make up. It is hard to don`t like these cute bottles :) Thanks, to read my post, I hope you like it. See you very soon, girls.

Why Do You Wear Makeup? / Tag

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Saturday, October 26, 2013
why do I wear makeup, beauty tag

Good day, my dear ladies. Today I`m going to do the "Why Do You Wear Makeup?" tag. I was tagged by charming and wonderfully strong Shalunya from  Shalunya & Boyet  blog. Her blog is so amazing, everyone can find a piece of inspiration.

So here are the questions:

1. When did you begin loving makeup? 

I started to love makeup and all things about beauty 4 years ago. Exactly at that time I discovered so many inspirational beauty gurus on youtube. I understood how it is important to take care of your beauty, because people, usually, create their first impression by your appearance.

2. How do you feel without makeup?

As for many other girls makeup for me is a mask. When I put on my makeup I become a very confident person, nothing bad can happen with me. And when I use makeup I can create so many reflections of my personality. Unfortunately I didn't learn to do all this tricks being myself. Just the closest people see my natural beauty:)

3. What do you like about makeup?

Oh, there are so many variations of looks and images that you can create by yourself! Makeup has a huge power, it makes girls not just more beautiful, because all girls has natural beauty, but confident, strong and mature. Makeup and cosmetics have a very big and interesting history, which is worth of studying it.

4. Three Holy Grail Makeup Products:

It is so hard to decide, but I think it will be:
- Maybelline Colossal Volum Express - my current favourite mascara, at least something is working with my lashes;
- L`oreal True Match Foundation - absorbes immediately and gives matte effect for your skin;
- Pupa Luminus Baked Powder - perfectly mathes with my light skin tone and lasts for a long time.

I want to ask beautiful Amy from Country Bumpkin and amazing Cherelle from Chezza`s Lil Pleasure  to do this tag also.

That was all for now. I wish everyone an amazing weekend. Spend this time with pleasure and benefit. And I will talk to you very very soon:) Bye, bye xx

Rosy Lilac / Makeup Tutorial

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Thursday, October 24, 2013
pastel lavender lilac makeup
Look we are going to achive:)
Good morning, ladies. I did for you another beautiful tutorial, using very sweet and pale colours. This makeup is perfect for romantic date or even a hang out with your girlfriends. I hope you will like:)
makeup tutorial blog
1. The first step is to apply primer and on the top of it apply the white eye pencil up to the eye brow. Mix them together with you finger;
2. Then lightly line your top eyelid and create a wing on your crease. Blend it out, using angled brush;
3. Start to put violet or lilac colour on the crease;
4. Put a pale rosy eye shadow on the lid and between two lines and highlight the brow bone;
5. Intensify the colours, put a violet eye shadows or eye pencil on the bottom lashline. To finish my look half of my water line I lined with black eye pencil and the inner part with white. And in the end finish with mascara.

This makeup is really easy and fun to do. Just don`t close your eyes, when you create a wing on the crease, to don`t spoil the shape. I wish you to have a good day and I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. If you did don`t forget to follow my blog for more interesting tutorials. 

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Pro palette 120 colors #3 / Review and swatches

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Monday, October 21, 2013

review swatches
eye shadow palette
review swatches
Hey, ladies! I know that must be everyone who are in love with makeup and beauty stuff already purchased this pro palette, but I love it so much and want to share my thoughts with you. This palette is a replica of famous BH 120 Color Eyeshadow Palette 3rd Edition, it is totally the same, but costs a little less:) I hope someone will found this post usefull and interesting.

I purchased this palette already few years ago and it really dissapointed me. Most of the colours in that pro palette #2 were poor pigmented and even my NYX primer didn`t help eye shadows to last longer and be more bright. There was many green shades, which I never even touched and many bright pink, almost of the same shade, which I also didn`t use frequently. But when I saw this eye shadow palette I really fell in love with 60 beautiful smokey shades, which it includes - grey, greyish purple, smoky lavender, milky brown shades. I knew that all of these colours I will use all the time. Sure it also has some not usable shades, but I like to do experiments. This eye shadows palette will be very useful for girls, who are just trying to find their style and colour match. 

SO my new 120 pro palette edition #3 was much better than a previous one. All colours are very pigmented and smooth, they have a pleasant silky texture. Most of the shadows are matte, but some has a shimmer. It was a hard task to do a swatches of all 120 colours of this palette, but I did few to show how pigmented are the colours. These swatches I made without any eye shadow base. If someone of you are interested I`ll do more swatches for you, girls:) I think the same you can easily  find on amazon or ebay.

Hope you liked my review, I already did few makeup  tutorials and will do many in the future, using my pro palette. Tell me in comments if you have this or different similar palette and your opinion about it. Thanks for your visit. See you very soon again, bye bye xxx

Bourjois Volume glamour MAX / Review

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Saturday, October 19, 2013

буржуа тушь отзывы
10ml / 0,3fl.oz.
price about 16 $
mascara lashes
Hello, ladies! Today I will do a little review of Bourjois mascara, which became one of my current favourites. This mascara is my first Bourjois experiance, because I never tried anything by this company before. Sure, I knew that french cosmetics is the best, so I`ve created a big expectations about this mascara. And it really didn`t dissapoint me.When I was in the shop most of mascaras by Bourjois were looking so attractive ( bourjois defenitely has a good tube designer) but I decided to chose this one. 

Package says that mascara could be used with circle lenses and suitable  for sensative eyes. Contains natural wax and black pearl extract. My lashes are very bad and I`m sure, that for girls, which have dense and long lashes, this mascara will work  really amazing. Volume glamour Max mascara has a very fluffy brush, which gives a good volume to your lashes. It also seperates lashes and makes them look longer. It lasts forever, without crumbling and rolling. I`m sure you will engoy to use it.

I`m also a big fan of unusual, but practical packaging designs. This shapes looks very stylish, almost vintage and the combination of black and glossy pink colours looks very cool. You can  buy Bourjois cosmetics on amazon.

Thanks for your visit, ladies. Have a good day and I`ll see you later, don`t forget to subscribe<3

Red & Black / Halloween Make up Tutorial

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Wednesday, October 16, 2013
red make up, eagle make up, gothic make up

Have you decided what look you are going to do for Halloween party? There are so many variants and good makeup tutorials for Halloween, so it was kind hard to create something original and fresh. But I tried hard and created this gorgeous gothic make up tutorial for you my beauties. Hope someone of you will use my idea for Halloween eve, enjoy :)

eagle eyes, gothic make up

1. I started from primer, which I set with my face powder. Then I filled in my eye brows. I used black eye shadow to make the whole make up look more dramatic;

2. Then I started to create a "black wing", using my black eye pencil. This step could be messy, it`s easy to fix it in the future;

3. So the next step is to set eye pencil with black eye shadows. I winged the line out on the outer corner and made the line longer on the inner corner of my eye;

4.  After I applied the dark burgundy eye shadow on my lid. You can use red lip liner under the shadows, to make the colour more intense;

5. I created a beautiful winged line on my eye, I also winged the line out of my inner corner, it was a very hard part for me:)

6. And the last steps. I put some red eye shadow under my eye and lined the water line with black pencil. Curled my lashes and put a generous coat of mascara. You can use a false lashes to finish the make up.

red make up, eagle eyes

So now Halloween make up is done. I advice you to create a crazy black and red ombre look for your lips. If you like this Halloween tutorial follow my blog to see more interesting in the future. You can also find me on Twitter,  Bloglovin or like my page on Facebook. Thank you so much for the visit I wish you a good luck and fresh ideas for Halloween. See you soon! xoxo

Lots of love,

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Lipsticks by Essence / Review and Swatches

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Monday, October 14, 2013
all about cupcake in the nude
all about cupcake, in the nude
in the nude, all about cupcake

Happy Monday, dear ladies how are you today? My Essence obsession continues and today I will tell you about two amazing lipsticks by Essence. For a very long time I wanted to try these lipsticks and, finally, I purchased two. I can`t say that I`m a great fan of lipsticks, but these two are simply amazing. 

Essence lipsticks has 16 different colours and shades of this lipstick (matte & shimmering). You can check all the assortment here. My shades are 53 - all about cupcake and 52 - in the nude. The nude one is more transparent, but the cupcake is more pigmented. Colours, which I own, don`t have any shimmer, but the finish look is creamy. The nude one is semi - transparent, but the cupcake is more pigmented. And  these two colours are perfect for every day wearing. To tell the truth, these lipsticks by Essence are more like a caring lip balm,  than a lipstick, because they moisturize my lips so good. They last for about 3-4 hours and both smell like sweets, very very tasty. It is extremly comfortable to wear these lipsticks. 

Girls, did you ever try lipsticks by Essence? What can you say about them? I highly reccomend Essence products for everyone! It was so nice to talk to you again, lovelies. Stay with me if you liked my blog. I`ll see you again very soon, kisses!

     Lipstick essence review swatchLipstick essence review swatch

Isabelle Dupont Nail Polishes / Review

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Friday, October 11, 2013
color me up swatch
review swatch brush
review swatch color me up

Hi, my dear ladies! How did you spend your week? I hope you had a good time. So many things have been changed in my life at this week. I moved to Brazil and started to live with my fiance. And today I will finally do a review for these gorgeous nail polishes by Isabelle Dupont. I already used them for some time and now can give you my honest opinion. 

So I bought two shades of Isabelle Dupont nail polishes - the bright pink № 418 and white № 203. The pink one is from Color Me Up line. This colour is very bright and shiny. Formula of nail polish makes the nail plate very smooth and even.Both nail polishes dry out very quickly and have comfortable brushes. They are kind thin, so it is easy to cover side parts of nail plate with lacquer.

The white one is a nail lacquer, which looks more like an enamel. I think it is perfect for french manicure. It is absolutely pure white colour, doesen't have any extra shade in it. The pink one is extremely bright and attractive. Both colours last very long, but they need to be applied in two layers to be shiny and have a full coverage. I`m very impressed by Isabelle Dupont nail polishes and will try other products for sure. Thanks for staying with me, ladies. I will talk to you very soon again! Bye, bye xx

Lots of love,

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Pupa Silk Touch Compact Powder in Gold

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Wednesday, October 09, 2013
review swatch
review swatch
Hey, beauties. Just few days ago I was in my closest drugstore and trapped on something super cute and adorable. I couldn`t pass through this Pupa powder, it was in amazing golden packagin, and that`s why we love our products, isn`t it? I already owned Baked powder by Pupa, and I love it so I decided to try regular one, especially that it was not expensive, about 12 $.

So, this compact powder comes in a very gorgeous golden matte case. It is kind flat and very comfortable in usage. The cover is very firm, so will not open accidently. Sponge, as always, very very bad, but who use it nowadays. Silk Touch powder, is really silky on touch, as Pupa promised, it layes on the skin very smooth and formula is very light. The only thing that didn`t match with me is the colour. I have a very light skin tone and this Pupa powder failed with it, even though I owned the ligthest shade # 01 - light beige. So it is kind dark for me, but I still love it. Hope to get some tan to use it more often.

Gils, who have beautiful caramel skin, I very reccomend for all of yo to try it out, just be sure about the tone, that you will choose. If someone already tried this Silk Touch powder, please, let me know your opinion about it, and especially about the colour matching. Thanks, for the visit, have a wonderful day!

Porcelain Doll Lips / Ombré Lips Tutorial

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Friday, October 04, 2013
ombre lips tutorial

Good morning, girls. How are things? I saw so many beautiful pictures of baby doll`s lips on pinterest and other sites. This trend is a beauty tip by our chineese and japaneese beauties. I couldn`t hold myself to try recreate this beautiful ombre lips. Ombre effect make them look so cute and neat, like a real doll`s lips. I hope you will like my tutorial.

Doll lips tutorial

Before to start I exfoliated the skin on my lips, to make them soft and smooth. Then I primed them with face powder, to hide natural colour of my lips and make my lipstick stay longer. The next step is a pink lipstick. I started to put it from the middle of my lower lips and filled them up, avoiding corners of my lips. After I started to mix the transition, using flat lipstick brush. You can also use your finger, as you prefer. And o finish I used regular lip balm, I put it with my finger to don`t ruing my ombre transition. That is how I made my ombre lips.

Let me know in a comments down below, if you liked this ombre lips. And don`t forget to follow my blog for more tutorials. Thanks, ladies, for reading my blog and I wish a good day:) See you very soon!

Monthly Favourites / September

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Wednesday, October 02, 2013
beauty haul, products love
beauty haul, products love, review

Ola, pretties! I don`t believe that September flew away already. I was hoping that autumn would be warm, but I literally feel the breath of the winter already. But my summer days are still forward, because I`m going to move in a very warm place very very soon. Any way, here is the list of my September Favourites. Enjoy:)

1. Essence Lipstick - all about cupcake
It was a love from the first sign. Colour, texture, scent - this lipstick is a perfection. I really enjoy to use it. I think colour fits with autumn time and caring formula of Essence lipstick moisturize my lips during the cold time. Very soon I will post a detail review of this lipstick, so don`t miss it.

2. Golden Rose Rich Color
Do you believe in one coat full coverage? I do! It really works, how they promise on the bottle. Golden Rose Rich Color is so pigmented and so bright. You don`t need more to put million coats and wait them to dry out. This nail polish dries out almost immediately. The brush has maxi size, to cover all your nail plate from the first sweap. Adorable!
One layer
3. Puma Perfume Animagical Women Edt
I think this fragrance was made for autumn. It has some fruity, woody and spicy notes in the scent. It is very sweet, so maybe, not everyone would enjoy it, but I like and always carry in my bag. One more thing I like about it is a small and comfortable size.

4. Powder Brush by Ebelin
In my previous list of Monthly Favourites I was talking about Ebelin Foundation brush. I liked the quality and decided to try one more brush by Ebelin. This powder brush has a very big and comfortable holder and very soft, natural hairs (i think it is goat`s hair). Domed shape of Ebelin brush is perfect to put powder on the skin.

5. MaxFactor Clump Defy by False Lash Effect
And the last products in my September Favourites list is my new favourite mascara by Max Factor Clump Defy. If you need perfect seperation and curly lashes you should defenitely try it. You can look detail review and demonstration here.

Dears, thanks for reading me, that was my little September Favourites list. If you like my blog become my constant reader for more interesting posts. And what have you been loving lately?