NOTD / Isabelle Dupont Nail Lacquer in Ripe Plum

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Wednesday, January 22, 2014
dark nails beauty angel
dark nails beauty angel

Hi girls! No long reviews, boring tags or strange makeup tutorials today. Just a very quick and short post about my NOTD. I always liked how the dark nail polish look on the nails, especially on a short nails. Dark colours make them look very neat and classy. The nail lacquer I`m using today is by Isabelle Dupont in # 300 (I hate it when they don`t give a name for colours, especially for such gorgeous shades).  It is a very juicy ripe plum shade with a posh glossy finish. It dries out in a few moments, but as most nail polishes and lacquers requires two coats. 

I really really like the way my nails look with Isabelle Dupont`s nail lacquer, the only thing I don`t know about this product yet is how long does it last. Will discover later so :) Have a wonderful days, cuties <3