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FOTD: Nerd Girl or Makeup for Glasses

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Saturday, March 29, 2014
thick big glasses, makeup tutorial for brown eyes
thick big glasses, makeup tutorial for brown eyes

Hi my beautiful ladies! Today I`m going to do a very small post and show you my Face Of the Day. Some time ago I've ordered a big plastic glasses (no lens) from internet just to play around and see how they will look on me. And I also decided to create a makeup look for girls who wear glasses and give some tips.

If you wear glasses you can be free to choose any dark or smoky makeup and look spectacular! Just make sure to prime your eyelids and cover dark circles very good, because they tend to be more visible when you use glasses, especially with thick or dark frames. Make an accent on your brows and don't neglect lash curler to prevent smudging your mascara against your glasses. It would be better to choose waterproof mascara and eyeliner, because when your wear glasses your eyes become tired faster and may begin to teardrop. If you are a fan of neutral eyes go for a bold bright lips, it will compliment your glasses and give you a very strict sexy look:)

It was very fun to pretend myself as a nerd or gamer girl :) What do you think? I hope my little tips will be useful, thanks for coming by girls. You can find similar glasses on ebay or amazon and also have some fun. I wish you to have a good time and rest well on weekend. Thanks for the visit, bye bye <3

Celebrity Skin Clarifying Skin Polish / Review

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Thursday, March 27, 2014
Celebrity Skin cosmetics makeup review
Celebrity Skin cosmetics review
Celebrity Skin cosmetics review

Hi girls! Today I'll tell you about Celebrity Skin Clarifying Skin Polish*  which is 2 in 1 cream cleanser and facial scrub. Celebrity Skin is a natural skin care company and all their products are paraben and sulfate free. I heard many positive reviews and was really excited to try their products. Celebrity Skin is a retailer of skincare and cosmetic products, and on their site you can also find mineral makeup, body treatments and hair care products. 

So the first things I did before to use Clarifying Skin Polish is check it's ingredients. I was very impressed how many useful and natural products they used to create a composition  - apricot, avocado, coconut and apricot oils, crushed walnut, which gentle exfoliates the skin. They even added buttermilk powder and vegetable glycerin to nourish and moisturize the skin. All ingredients are organic and I bet very beneficial for facial skin care. 

Celebrity Skin Clarifying Skin Polish has a very creamy consistency and a very gentle exfoliating parts. Perfect for sensitive or irritated skin. It doesn't foam but cleans the skin very nice. It feels so smooth and soft after the usage. You don't even need to moisturize your face afterwards, skin polish already did this for you. I guess Clarifying Skin Polish will perfectly fit for all skin types and as it's effect is so gentle, so you can use it on a daily basis. Girls, I wanted to add that everyone knows how it is important when products have a pleasant scent.  This skin polish has an awesome gentle scent of fruit yogurt, you will like.

Overall I liked this skin polish by Celebrity Skin very much and would highly recommend it for everyone.  If you search for a high quality natural skin care products you should definitely try Celebrity Skin. Here are their Twitter and Facebook.  Thanks to stay with me girls, I'll talk to you very soon. Bye, bye :3

Lots of love,

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Very Inspiring Blogger Award

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Friday, March 21, 2014
Hi girls! One awesome beautiful panther Keisha from Chrysalis Gals blog  has nominated me for the "Very Inspiring Blogger Award". I want to say a big thanks to her, please find a time to take a look at her makeup looks and reviews!
Award logo I found here

Rules are :

1. Thank the person who nominated you and add a link to their blog.
2. Display the award on your post.
3. List the award rules so your nominees will know what to do.
4. State 7 things about yourself.
5. Nominate other bloggers for the award.
6. Contact your nominees to let them know you have nominated them.
7. Provide a link to your post.
8. Proudly display the award logo (or buttons) on your blog, whether on your side bar, ABOUT page, or a special page for awards.

Here are 7 things about me :
liz breygel

1. I hate roses smell. I know some people even do a jam from rose's petals, but I really hate how it smells. Is there smth wrong with my nose?:) But I still love how these flowers look. I wouldn't mind if my love gift them to me. 

2. I was studying at the historical faculty. My specialization was a Worldwide history and I absolutely in love with ancience and prehistoric age. It is very interesting!
3. When I was small I wanted to be paleontologist - scientist, who study prehistoric life. I really wanted to dig out dinosaurs and study about them. That's why I actually chose historical faculty.
4. I love to sing! Sometimes my husband plays to me on guitar and I sing - we are rock band :) I don't think that I sing very good, but I took some vocal classes at the past.
5. I was in a distant (very distant) relationship with my husband for about 1,5 year. It was a very hard time and now, when we are together, I still don't understand how we separated this difficulty. Love him very much <3
6. When I was a kid and was visiting kids garden (about 3 years old) my nickname was Pie - because I was fatty:) One of my teachers named me like that...I was sooo sad :( 

7. I'm ukrainian, currently living in Brazil :) 

And I want to nominate :
Carly Rose
Leigh-Ann Grupp

Spring Fashion Trend - Sweetheart Neckline

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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Hello my beautiful ladies! So the spring is officially here and we can change our warm coats for something more light, bright and short :) If you are looking for a beautiful club, teen or a cocktail party dress you should come and take a look at these amazing mini prom dresses.
I was walking around the OkDress site and stopped my eyes on a new collection, which I bet is a spring trend in fashion world - collection of a dresses with a sweetheart neckline. What a beauty! There is nothing more feminine and delicate than a girl wearing such dress. Don't forget that sweetheart neckline is a the best girl's friend, because it emphasizes breast line and also makes your shoulders look more delicate. I know that for some of you classic necklines could be too boring or old-fashioned. But just take a look at these short sexy models - bright colours, glittered tops and short chiffon skirts - isn't this classy?

I always liked short skirts, shorts and dresses, because mini always makes your legs look longer. And in combination with a high heels it will provide an amazing effect - few more centimeters to your height and beautiful seductive walk. For the upcoming club party with my girl friends I will definitely choose a sweetheart neckline short dress with chiffon skirt. Here are few beauties I liked:

dress sale dress beauty angel
dress sale dress beauty angel

Now one of the hardest part - what colour to choose? You can simply stop at fresh pale spring shades, such as baby blue, green apple, mint, champagne or light beige. But fashion magazines and designers advice us to for more vibrant, vivid palette - deep blue, bright pink and purple. If you are not ready for such experiments you can always stop on time - tested shades like black or bright red. You will never loose wearing them.

On OkDress you can also find long evening dresses, formal short prom dresses . You can view more arrivals here. Right now they have an awesome fresh collections and huge discounts. OkDress will ship your dress to anywhere in the world. Wish you to have a good time, sweeties <3

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Lots of love,

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Makeup Monday / Blue Cut Crease Makeup Tutorial

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Sunday, March 16, 2014
makeup for carnival tutorial cut crease makeup look

Good morning my beauties and happy Monday! I hope you had an awesome time this weekend. Today I want to show you how to create this blue cheeky makeup, which will be perfect for club party. I actually was inspired by recent Brazilian carnival to do this makeup look. Hope you will like my step by step tutorial and it will be useful for you :)
makeup for carnival tutorial cut crease makeup look

1. To start we create a base for eyeshadows, to make them last longer and look brighter. Put white eyepencil on the whole eyelid till the brow bone and blend it with your finger;
2. Take a bright navy eyepencil and start to create a wing on your crease. Don`t close your eye, because it can spoil the shape;
3. Start to put eyeshadow of the same shade on the top of your wing. Try to be neat and follow the line. But don`t worry if you have some mistakes - it`s very easy to correct them;
4. Now highlight and blend transitions, put more white pencil on the lid if necessary;
5. Put baby blue eyeshadow on the lid. Following our crease wing create a winged line with liquid eyeliner;
6. Put some navy eyeshadow along lower lash line. Line waterline with bright blue pencil. Finish with mascara or false lashes.
makeup for carnival tutorial cut crease makeup look
Your blue cut crease makeup is done :)
That`s all sweeties. Don`t forget to follow my blog for more makeup looks and reviews. My links you can find in the end of the post. Hugs and kisses, I`ll talk to you soon :3

Lots of love,
Liz xx

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Oriflame Ever Lasting Foundation / Review & Swatches

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Thursday, March 13, 2014
oriflame foundation oriflame cream
oriflame cosmetics review
oriflame cream reveiw

Hi sweeties! Today I`m going to do a review for my current favourite foundation, which I`m using for a very long time already. Actually I don`t even understand why I never did a detail review for Oriflame Ever Lasting foundation! I love it so much and I`m simply obliged to tell you about this product.

To start I want to tell you that I repurchased Ever Lasting Foundation for several times already, so it is really a very good product whcih I recommend for everyone. It comes in a plastic bottle with a tight cover. I know that plastic is not the best material for storing your makeup, but at least I know that it will not crush if I`ll drop it accidently on the floor (i`m really clumsy!). There are 6 different shades from very fair porcelain to caramel warm sand colour. 

Formula of Oriflame foundation reminds me more of a BB cream, because it cares about your skin and feels like a cream. Foundation gives a very full coverage for skin. Maybe some of you can even forget about concealer! The only thing I would add to this increadible formuls is SPF. And as Oriflame promised on the description Ever Lasting foundation lasts for hours. You don`t need to worry that your facial skin will start to shine or problematic areas will appear. But I would not recommend it for a girls with oily skin type - this foundation could make your face a bit cakey

But the most important is what this magical foundation will do with your skin. After I started to use it skin on my face started to be so smooth and silky, like a baby`s skin. At first I was king skeptic when I saw that Ever Lasting foundation includes skin renew compex. But after the first try I perceived the difference. Even after you remove all your makeup and wash your face, you can still feel the increadible changes. 

I really love this foundation, especially because it perfectly matches to my skin tone (shade I use - porcelain). Defenitely recommend for all of you to give this foundation a try. I promise you won`t be dissapointed. Thanks for being with you, I`ll talk to you very soon. 

Lots of love, 
Liz xxx

Mac ´Sable´ Eyeshadow / Review & Swatches

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Tuesday, March 11, 2014
maccosmetics eyeshadows review
maccosmetics eyeshadows review
maccosmetics eyeshadows review

Hi ladies! I'm so excited to perform you this little baby - single eyeshadow by MAC. I received it a very long time ago, but I had so many drafts and ideas for my blog that I even couldn't find a place for this precious. So when I was thinking what colour I should order I just decided to choose something to compliment the colour of my eyes. Mac describes ´Sable´ as a gold plum shade with bronze pearls inside. The name of the finish is Velvet. 

Texture of Mac eyeshadow is super smooth, feels like a real velvet. It blends perfectly and stays for the whole day on the eyelid without fading or falling out.  Pigmintetion is perfect as well, even without a primer underneath. I like that ´Sable´ is a very flexible shade - it fits with most bronze, golden, olive, champaigne and plum shade. What an awesome compagnon! 

I liked it so much that I cannot wait until the next mac shopping. Ladies do you have some advice for me? What shade I should buy next? Please tell me in comments I know that you know that you have lots of suggestions I'm new to this brand (I know...) so I need some help :) Thanks for reading me, see ya soon. Kisses!

Lots of love,

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Red Carpet Wishlist

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Sunday, March 09, 2014

Hi girl! I guess everyone or almost everyone watched recent Oscar ceremony. Those beautiful posh dresses, shoes and jewelry by famous brands and designers. I bet every girls wants at least once in their life step on that Red Carpet and show their fashion taste and beauty.

In my previous post I told you that fashion is my weak side.. I mean I'm totally tasteless person, but recently I have found a store with amazingly gorgeous apparel. So today I want to try my fashion skills and create another wishlist. To tell the truth it was a very hard choice, I really liked most of the dresses and shoes that Dress Sale proposes. So girls, let's dream a little.  What if someday I will need to walk along famous that famous red carpet and take a look at Oscar's ceremony? 

black dress glittered sandals glittered clucth

I decided to chose something elegant, feminine and a little sexy at the same time. I went for a long ankle-length Dress with column silhouette to make myself visually taller. A chose the same dark purple Glittered Sandals and finished with a Mettalic Clutch, to compliment my shoes. As my dress looks kind simple and minimalist I was thinking bright glittered shoes and clutch would add some sparkle to my look. I added links so you can easily check out the description of products. 

Please let me know if you liked my Red Carpet look and tell me what dress and accessories would you choose? Thanks to be with me and don't forget to take a look at Dress Sale website for some inspiration. See you soon <3

Lots of love,

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Fresh & Bright Spring Makeup Tutorial

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Tuesday, March 04, 2014
colorful makeup tutorial

Hi ladies, congrats with the first spring post :) Winter time is very exhaustive but fortunately warm weather will come very soon. Today I will show you how to do a very fresh and colorurfull makeup tutorial for upcoming spring time. I'm sure that this makeup will fit for any skin and eye colour and I would even wear it everyday to add some colours in routine. So let's start!

colorful makeup rainbow makeup tutorial

1. First step - put white eyepencil on the whole eyelid till the brow bone and blend it with your finger;
2. Start to put light purplle eyeshadow on the outer corner of your eye and crease, creating a shape;
3. Now put a bright peachy shadows on the middle of your eyelid, I did this step with my finger;
4. Take some pink eyeshadow and put on the corner of purple colour and blend out;
5. Draw a small wing with a black liquid eyeliner;
6. And the last steps - put some purple eyeshadow on the lower lashlineand  line your waterline with white eyepencil. Finish with mascara and false lashes (optional).

I suggest to wear bright rosy or orangy blush but stay more neutral with countoring  And also put on yur lips some juice lip gloss to finish your bright spring makeup look. Let me know if you liked this makeup :) Bye, bye sweeties!

With love,
Lizzie <3