NYX Eye Shadow Base / Review & Swatches

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Monday, August 11, 2014
nyx shadow base review pictures buy
nyx shadow base review pictures buy
nyx shadow base review pictures buy ingredients
nyx shadow base review pictures buy ingredients

Hi angels! Recently I was putting in order my makeup and remembered that I never did a review on my NYX Eye Shadow Base, which I use for most of my looks. I need to admit that at first I didn't like this eyeshadow primer at all. But when I saw an actual difference which it makes I was slightly impressed and now almost I use it almost all the time. Now lets talk in details about pros and cons of NYX Eye Shadow Base.

It comes in a very simple glass jar with a tight cover. I love how simple and beautiful is the design - name of the product and small cute heart - nothing unnecessary, just important information :) On the back of the jar there is a list of ingredients and the number of the shade. My shade is #3 - skin tone. It was the only available colour in the store and I must say it is not the best option. This colour is too dark and orange for fair skin tone. I would recommend to buy white or white pearl shades.

NYX Eye Shadow Base has a very thick creamy texture, so you need just a little amount to cover all the eyelid. I perceive that NYX base has a tendency to crease, if to put a generous layer of it. In this case the less is more:) It does it's job pretty good, as you can see by the swatches. The left swatch is without the base and under the right I put some base. It is a very big difference!

NYX Eye Shadow Base retails for $7.00 and available in 3 tones from the official NYX or Ulta websites. And this small jar will serve you for many years. I wish you all a happy day girls, bye bye <3 

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