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Friday, August 19, 2016
moon story eyelash review liz breygel
moon story eyelash review liz breygel
moon story eyelash review liz breygel
moon story eyelash review liz breygel

Last week I`ve finished my tube of Duo Eyelash Adhesive Glue and I`ll be honest with you, I was not absolutely satisfied with this product. Today I`m going to to talk about my new Moon Story Eyelash Glue* that was kindly sent to me by online makeup and fashion store Nur Besten.

The Moon Story Eyelash Glue comes in a bottle with a tiny brush - applicator inside, reminds me a little bit of a nail polish or a lip gloss packaging. It is so much easier to apply an eyelash glue with such fine brush, it is possible to apply just a tiny drop of the glue right where you need it. Brush - applicator helps to save the glue, because of it`s precision.You will also receive a plastic espatula, that helps a lot with the glue application, you can gently press the eyelash closer to the eyelid, without ruining your makeup look.

The Moon Story Eyelash Glue is white, but it dries absolutely clear. It is very easy to remove with a micellar water or an oil based makeup remover. Moon Story does not leave a sticky residue on the false lashes or on the skin, unlike Duo Eyelash Adhesive Glue, though it leaves a little dry`flakes` on the my lashes.

The Moon Story Eyelash Glue  product is available online at Nur Besten store and you can purchase it right away. Don`t forget to use a special 10 % off code ILD10 to receive a ltittle discount. Thanks fot reading me, I`ll talk to you soon.

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