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Wednesday, December 21, 2016
liz breygel rosegal zaful haul clothes review
liz breygel rosegal zaful haul clothes review
liz breygel rosegal zaful haul clothes review
liz breygel rosegal zaful haul clothes review

About a few weeks ago I got an amazing packaging with three gorgeous and unique fashion pieces by Rose Wholesale, I chose them right before the Halloween party and today I'm finally going to review these clothes. A Rose Wholesale is an international online store offers a great variety of fashion, beauty and household goods, all for a very affordable prices and the quality is amazing as well.

Off the shoulder tops and dresses were trendy this year and I really hope this trend will remain in the upcoming 2017 year, because I`m in love with this sweatshirt. The Rose Wholesale Halloween Sweatshirt is made with a cotton blend and inside it was lined with a super soft fleece. The sweatshirt is a little bit over-sized, loose fit, but still feels comfortable and very cozy, this is something nice to wear during the cold wintertime. The design is simple and gorgeous as well, but for those who prefers a brighter colours there is a fun pink version of this sweatshirt available on the Rose Wholesale website. 

Next is the Punk Style Ripped Tee and even though it doesn`t look very flattering on my picture it is very stylish and fits great. This T-shirt features a whole bunch of  tiny holes and they give a cool grunge vibe, by the way it is possible to add even more cuts and customize it in the way you want. Team up with a skinny black jeans or leggings, a pair of sneakers and all eyes will be on you. This outfit would be great for running around the city or any other casual hangout.

This shirt is my favourite item by Rose Wholesale. Do you remember the time when plaid shirts were basically everywhere? About two years ago you could see a plaid pattern even at Paris runway show by Jean-Paul Gaultier and Saccai. And as a loyal grunge lover I needed to have this shirt in my wardrobe, I like using it together with a tight jeans or ripped leggings and a pair of my favourite combat boots. But it is also possible to use this shirt on it`s own as a dress, accentuate your waist with a belt, don`t forget about the accessories and you are ready to go. The shirt fits perfectly and looks amazing, it has a soft fleece lining inside and a large comfy hood.

Lots of love,

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