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How To : Caviar Nails

nail decoration caviar


caviar for nails

I`ve bought this caviar decoration in the closest drugstore, it was very cheap about 1 $ for each bottle. I was not thinking that this caviar will last long on my nails. But it stays much time without fall offs and deformation. You could choose any colour of your favourite nail polish, even if it not match perfectly the colour of the caviar. I`ve chosen a deep purple and pastel beige colours as a foundation for my decorations.

It was a real fun to create my caviar nails. These little balls look so gorgeous:) So to start I put two layers of my nail polish and then, before it will start to dry out I put my caviar. It`s better to help yourself with a fan brush or to put the caviar directly from a bottle. Then, to set it to your nail, press it carefully, but don`t move the balls on a surface of the polish. Caviar covers the nail plate very accurately. You can also use your fan brush to sweep off extra decoration.

To make the caviar on your nails stay longer you could put a layer of a clear nailpolish, but I really think it`s not necessary. If decoration will fall off in some places, just add a drop of nail polish in that area and fill with caviar again.

Lots of love,

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