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My Nail Care Routine

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Hi sweeties! I always had a very strong and good nails, they rarely exfoliate or brake down. I wish my hair was so nice as my nails. I always use glass nail file, it is the best variant for natural nails. It doesn`t destroy the nail plate and makes the edges smooth.

The first secret of my strong nails I`ve learned from my mother. It is iodine 5 % (that thing from pharmacy). I apply it on my cuticle with help of cotton swab. Don`t worry, it is easily removable with warm water and soap. It really makes your nails grow stronger and healthier. You could substitute this method with sea salt bath for your nails.

The second recipe is lemon juice with olive oil. It smells sooo gorgeous! It is also a good whitening for your nails. To make your nails look even more white clean them with tooth brush and tooth paste. It also works very well.

nail care, homemade, nails, manicure

Lots of love,

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