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Step By Step Ombré Nails Tutorial | Strawberry & Blueberry Sherbet

pink nail polish
purple nail polish

Hi, ladies, it was very hard to create them and took much time and practice, but the result worth this labor:) Ombre nails look so amazing and accurate. This nails will complete any look you will choose.

You`ll need :

DIY ombre nails tutorial manicure step by step nail liz breygel january girl

1. Two or three nail polishes of similar colour 
(from light to dark);

2. Toothpicks or needles;

3. Plastic bag;

4. Cotton buds;

5. Clear nail polish;

6. Sponge Bob :)

Firstly cover your nails with basic nail polish and let it dry, then put shades of nail polishes on a bag and mix the colors to create an ombre transition. Dip the corner of  a sponge in polishes and press it carefully on your nail plate. Press it few times until it will cover up everything . If something will not work you can repeat it once again. After cover your nails with clear polish and clean the mess of your skin. And you`re done, enjoy the results:)

pink ombre manicure

Lots of love,