a close-up picture of two skincare products by organic shop brand close to the window

Hi, everyone! I want to share something delicious with you today, lovelies. I heard many good reviews about the Organic Shop brand. They definitely pushed me to try some of their skincare products. The most interesting thing about This brand is that they make natural cosmetics. You will not find parabens, silicones, or SLS in these products. Each month company donates 5% of its profit to different organizations and projects. For example, they help to feed abandoned newborn babies, save forests, etc. Find out more about Organic Shop on their official website. And now, let's take a look at the products I purchased for my review.

a close-up picture of two skincare products by organic shop on plain background

  • Organic Shop:  Vanilla & Orchid Body Mousse
The first product I'm going to review is the Vanilla & Orchid body mousse. It comes in a big plastic pot, so you need to scoop the product out of it. I don't think it has a scent of vanilla, but the fragrance is sweet and very pleasant for the nose. It doesn't have a synthetic scent eighter, instead, it is subtle and natural. The mousse absorbs very fast into the skin, leaving a nice aroma. The consistency of the mouse is very light, and a bit runny, that is why it absorbs instantly.

a close-up picture of an opened organic shop skincare products

  • Organic Shop: Lychee Body Cream 

The second product is Lichee body cream, but its consistency reminds me more of body butter. It contains five different organic oils: tiare, avocado, cacao, lemon, and geranium oils. These ingredients make it a powerful cocktail for skin nourishing and moisturizing. The Organic Shop Lychee body cream also has a mild, sweet fragrance of fruits. The thick, buttery consistency makes it perfect for the dry skin type, and for the cold time of the year. But, it also absorbs nice and quickly, leaving a nice fragrance on the skin for a long time.

That's all for today, lovelies. I would like to recommend you try some products by the Organic Shop brand. It is definitely worth your attention and will help you to make a little contribution to saving our planet. And what are your thought? Do you lie pampering your skin with something delicious?

Lots of love,