Faberlic Young Delicate Face Tonic, Faberlic Young Moisturazing Face Cream

Good day, my lovelies! How are your autumn days going? Last weekend I finally finished a bottle of my old face toner and moisturizer, which I was using regularly. But this time I've decided to try something new. The Faberlic Young Face Care serie includes three skin care products for three steps - cleanser, toner and face cream. As I still have my favorite facial cleanser by Garnier, I bought just two last steps - toner and cream. Both products come in very beautiful bottles and deep violet color. They contain mineral complex, that gently restores and nourishes the skin. 

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Faberlic Young Delicate Face Tonic

I never expected that Delicate Face Tonic will cooperate so well with my skin. I have a normal skin type, so I just need a delicate skin care and gentle cleaning. This toner is just a magical water. It makes my skin so soft and fresh. Doesn't leave any dry or sticky feeling after. And it smells so adorable! I really hate when facial care products smell like cucumber. But this skin care serie has a pleasant scent, which is kind hard to describe. And, of course, the most attractive thing for me is that  this toner contains no alcohol. It is its biggest advantage! Toner is also good for any skin type.

Faberlic Young Delicate Face Tonic, Faberlic Young Moisturazing Face Cream

I really like everything about this Young face Care seria by Faberlic. I`m very excited to try other products from Young Face Care seria - mattifying face wipes, make up remover and cleanser. Hope those products will not disappoint me. Thank you, to take time and read my post. I'll talk to you very soon, lovelies!

Lots of love,