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I ♥ Autumn tag

beauty tag, the beauty inside

Few days ago I was tagged by dear Liz Outh from My Pretty Obsession to do this tag. I want to say a big thanks for the opportunity to create I heart Autumn tag. So here is my short answers, I hope you will like them:)

Favorite thing about autumn?
I think autumn is the most romantic time of a year and I really love dull and rainy weather.

Favorite  Drink?
I prefer to drink cinnamon tea. 

Favorite Lipstick?
My favourite lipstick for autumn 2013 is Essence lipstick in shade In the Nude. It moisturizes my lips` skin and have a very tasty smell.

Favourite Scent / Candle
Let it be basic notes of my current parfume - sandal wood aroma.

Favourite music to listen to?
Should be something very romantic and mysterious at the same time. This week is Priscilla Hernandez and her composition The Underliving. I hear it in Klaire de Lys tutorial and still can`t stop listen it. This song captured my heart!

Favorite colour for eyes?
For a warm time it is defenetily something bright, like that Warm Autumn Makeup, which I created some time ago. But for cold days colours must be more dark  - deep green, brown and bronze shades.

Favorite autumn treat?
My mom cooks yummy buns with raisins and dried apricots. And sure, everything that gives us Mother-Nature in this time of a year - fresh apples, pears and walnuts.

Favourite place to be?
In warm tight hugs of my love:)