brown, copper makeup

Hi, dears. So, as a promise,  today I will show you my second variant of a makeup for brown eyes. Goldish brown eye shadows are classical choice for brown eyes. These shades emphasize eye color and make them look more expressive and deep.

Antique gold

copper, brown makeup

1. As always our first step is a primer, then we start to create a beautiful shape with an eye pencil;

2. After that start to smudge the pencil to prepare the base for our shadows;

3. Apply dark brown eye shadow on the top of our smudged pencil-base;

4. Then put golden eye shadows on the lid and blend the transition between colors;

5. Using pencil brush apply copper eye shadow on the crease and line your eyes and waterline;

6. Fill in your brown, highlight the brown bone and finish with mascara.

Our makeup for brown eyes is done. I hope you liked this tutorial, thanks very much for your visit and don`t forget to follow my blog. I wish you an amazing weekends. Talk to you later, lovelies, bye!

Lots of love,