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Makeup for brown eyes #1 / Deep Swamp

Hi, my dear ladies. Today I want to show you my first variant of a makeup for brown eyes. I was asked by beautiful Liz Outh to create a tutorial and I got very excited about this idea. Both makeups I did using pencil technique. So, dear brown eyes owners, I hope you will find these tutorials useful and will defenitely try them someday. 

Deep Swamp
makeup tutorial
makeup tutorial

1. Prime your lids and start to shape your eye, using an eye pencil;
2. Smudge the pencil, creating a beautiful knot shape. It will be a base for our olive eye shadow;
3. Apply an olive or dark bronze eye shadow on the top of the pencil - base;
4. Start to apply camouflage green shadows on the center of your lids;
5. Put a white eye pencil on the corner of your eye lids and blend it with the brush;
6. On the top of the white pencil put a minty eye shadow;
7. Line your eyes - upper and lower lash line (and waterline) and add some camouflage green shadows on the bottom;
8. Curl your lashes and apply generous coat of mascara to finish. And your green makeup for brown eyes is done :)

Tommorow I will post a second variant of a makeup for brown eyes. Please let me know if you liked this one. And if you liked it become a follower of my blog for more interesting makeup and reviews. Thanks for being with me. See you very soon!