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Sun Club Shimmer Bronzing Powder by Essence / Review

review swatch
review swatch

Happy Wednesday, dear ladies! Today I want to introduce you Bronzing Powder Sun Club by Essence, which is simply amazing. I used it for some time already, so today I can make an honest review of this product.

Bronzing powder by Essence is available in two shades - for blondes (lighter skin) and brunnetes (darker skin). I bought shade 10 - sunkissed, for blondes, because I have a very light skin, even though I`m brunnete. There is a very cute relief on a powder - girl in the waves or in the dessert with sand. Looks very beautiful, I even didn`t want to touch it with my brush to don`t ruin the structure . Bronzer has a very silky formula, which includes lots of shimmer. Face skin looks luminous after I put this bronzer on my cheekbones. Essence bronzing powder has a very light vanilla scent.

The weak side of Sun Club bronzing powder is its pigmentation. It is not intense, almost transparent. So for girls with darker skin, or with skin which is easy tans, it will not work good. But, sure, depends what effect you want to achive. I even think it is possible to use as a blush :)