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This or That Beauty Tag

elizabeth breygel

I was taged by amazing Tiffany and Sik Glam and want to say a big thanks to girls, because I wanted to do this tag for such a long time. 

 Blush or Bronzer - for me is bronzer. I`m always afraid to be  a little "too much" with blush, so it is better to contour my face.
 Lip Gloss or Lip Stick - Hard choice, it depends on the occasion, but I think lip gloss.
 Eyeliner or Mascara - What is the eyeliner without mascara. I choose mascara defenitely.
 Foundation or Concealer - Foundation. I rarely use concealer, just when my skin get spoiled.
 Natural or Colored Eye Shadow - Colored, natural is a bit boring.
 Pressed or Loose Eye Shadow - Pressed eye shadows, they are more easy-to-use.
 Brush or Sponge - Brushes!

 Opi or China Glaze - Oh, I never tried China Glaze:( That`s why I choose Opi.
 Long or Short - Long, it makes fingers look more dainty and long.
 Acrylic or Natural - Natural. I would accept acrylic just if natural nails are very bad or damaged.
 Bright or Dark - Dark, i think it looks more neat.
 Flower or No Flower- No flowers, I like minimalistic nail arts.

 Perfume or Body Splash - Body Splash, I guess.
 Lotion or Body Butter - Lotion
 Body Wash or Soap - Body wash, don`t like to use soap.
 Lush or other - Other, it is hard to find lush in my city.

 Jeans or Sweat Pants - Sure jeans, are these things comparable?
 Long sleeves or short sleeve? - Long sleeves, because it is cold in here now.
 Dress or Skirt? - Dress, I don`t like skirts.
 Scarves or Hat- Scarves! Love to keep my throat in warm.
 Studs or dangling earrings - Studs for everyday and danglng for special occasions.
 Necklace or bracelet- Necklace, bracletes bothering me a little.
 Heels or flats - Flats for shoping, heels for dates:)
 Cowboy boots or riding boots - Riding boots, without a hesitation. Nothing could be better than them!
 Jackets or hoodies - Hoodies, those japaneese models looks so cute in them.
 Forever 21 or Charlotte Russe - Neither, I prefer european brands.

 Curly or Straight - My fiance likes my straight hair, so I choose straight.
 Bun or Ponytail - Ponytail is my all time favourite hairstyle.
 Bobby pin or butterfly clips - Butterfly clips, but I use them just at home.
 Hairspray or gel - Nothing really works with my thin hair, but hairspray is better than gel.
 Long or short - Very long, extremly long. I don`t imagine myself without a long hair.
 Dark or light - Never had light hair. I think my dark fits more with me.
 Side swept bangs or fully bangs - Side swept looks more light, but fully bands looks seductive.
 Up or down - Down, but when my hair starts to bother me I like to take it up.

 Rain or shine - Rainy weather is more cozy.
 Summer or winter - Summer, I don`t like to wear heavy warm clothes.
 Fall or spring - Fall. I like to watch how the yellow leaves are falling down.
 Chocolate or Vanilla - I like vanilla.

I tag Tiny Alis and Kimberly to do this tag. And everyone of you who would like to do it as well! Please, share your links with answers in comments down below:) See you!