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Essence Colour Arts Pigments / Review and Swatches

review swatches
strawberry smoothie cotton candy smell the caramel
strawberry smoothie cotton candy smell the caramel

Bonsoir, dear girls! First time a saw this Pigments by Essence in a little review about on youtube and I became obsessed by it. I wanted to try them sooo much! On this week I finally bought three colours to try.

So I`ve owned three shades : 02 - smell the caramel, 11 - cotton candy and 14 - strawberry smoothie. They are very pigmented and includes so many glitter - very bright and beautiful. I want to do a tutorial, using these gorgeous pigments later. Each bottle has a silicone flap under the plastic cover, to save pigments from spilling (just cotton candy doesen`t have, there was a sticker inside.) Covers are very tight, so you can be sure that other cosmetics in your make up bag will stay clean. 

Essence Pigments are available in 23 pretty colours. The main idea of Colour Arts pigments is the variations of usage. You can mix the shades together and create your new shades. You can use pigments as high lighter or bronzer. Or you can even mix them with clear nail polish and create exclusive nail lacquer! Just use your imagination:)

Colours are very beautiful and bright, but they demands an eyeshadow base or any other base as pencil, to make them look even more bright and last longer. For example, texture of cotton candy consist almost just from glitter, so to set it on the skin you need a very good base or it will have many fall outs.

essence pigments swatches

I liked these pigments by Essence so much, that I even decided to use them for my wedding make up. It is hard to don`t like these cute bottles :) Thanks, to read my post, I hope you like it. See you very soon, girls.