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Rosy Lilac / Makeup Tutorial

pastel lavender lilac makeup
Look we are going to achive:)
Good morning, ladies. I did for you another beautiful tutorial, using very sweet and pale colours. This makeup is perfect for romantic date or even a hang out with your girlfriends. I hope you will like:)
makeup tutorial blog
1. The first step is to apply primer and on the top of it apply the white eye pencil up to the eye brow. Mix them together with you finger;
2. Then lightly line your top eyelid and create a wing on your crease. Blend it out, using angled brush;
3. Start to put violet or lilac colour on the crease;
4. Put a pale rosy eye shadow on the lid and between two lines and highlight the brow bone;
5. Intensify the colours, put a violet eye shadows or eye pencil on the bottom lashline. To finish my look half of my water line I lined with black eye pencil and the inner part with white. And in the end finish with mascara.

This makeup is really easy and fun to do. Just don`t close your eyes, when you create a wing on the crease, to don`t spoil the shape. I wish you to have a good day and I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. If you did don`t forget to follow my blog for more interesting tutorials. 

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