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L`oreal Volume Millon Lashes Excess / Review

L`oreal cosmetics review

Hi, lovelies! Recently I went shopping again and saw this glamorously shinning L`oreal Mascara on the shelf. It caught my eyes and I couldn`t go out from there without this shiny tube. And voilĂ ! I`m doing a review for you, girls.  

I enjoy to use L`oreal cosmetics, but I never tried mascara before. So I really like design of Million Lashes Excess tube - it has bright golden and cora red colour, I think it is to stylish. The brush has middle - sized bristles and long base, which is flattened in the middle. From the first sight is perceivable, that this L`oreal mascara was made for definition of the lashes, but not for their volumizing. It doesen`t give volume and density for my lashes, though they are really naturally bad. But, as they promised on a package, Million Lashes is really clump - free. For a girls with fluffy and dense lashes it will work better, for sure!

l`oreal mascara review

When I did this post I also asked for a help of my sister, to show you how this mascara can cooperate with good lashes. Hope this post was useful for you, ladies. I`ll talk to you soon again, bye!