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Monthly Favourites | October

beauty haul, products love
beauty haul, products love
beauty haul, products loveOctober Favourites, October Favorites, Monthly Favorites liz breygel january girl blogger

Good day, pretties! The time is passing so fast, October, month of big changes, is finished already. It was a very special but hard time for me. But, finally, I started to get used to my new life. For the past month I didn't try a lot of new stuff . But here are few things that I`ve been stuck with during the past month. Let`s start!

Actually it`s more than just an October favorite products. I repurchase this Ever Lasting Foundation again and again. By it`s texture foundation reminds BB cream - very moisturizing and caring. It does wonders with my skin! Since I've started to use Ever Lasting foundation my skin became so soft and smooth. I think I never had such a good facial skin, even when I was a kid. Also it perfectly fits my very fair skin, as any other base products (porcelain). But for girls with oily skin it will not work so well.

Color Arts Pigment by Essence

Color I've been loving lately is # 02 'smell the caramel' and I really can`t stop using it! This shade looks so beautiful on brown eyes. I already did detail review with swatches so you can look it here. I`m not sure if I`m using pigment correctly but I really love it so much.

Rich Color Nail Lacquer by Golden Rose

Next obsession is a nail lacquer by Golden Rose. It is so hard to describe how much I like this lacquer. It literally have become my all times favorite nail product. I wore shade #5 all the time this month and will definitely repurchase it again. I`m going to do a detail review with swatches and my opinion very soon so don`t miss it.

Now the top favorite products of October month. Even looking on the picture of this products makes me sad. Not because Benefit blush is so bad, but because I`m so clumsy! In few days after I receive my sweetness I crushed it! Sure, I fixed it already, using well known recipe, but it will never be so beautiful and pure as at first. But I`m loving my little Dandelion. It looks perfect on my fair skin and plays a role of a highlighter and blush at the same time. Please tell me in comments if you want to see review and swatches of not so perfect on look, but still amazing Benefit blush :)

Tender Care Balm Vanilla by Oriflame

And the last, but for sure not the least product in my October favorites list is a caring balm by Oriflame. This month I was using vanilla scent. I use it not just on my lips but for by eyelashes and brows before sleep, to make them grow longer and more dense. Plus during the cold days not just my lips need nourishing but hands and other parts. 

That was my October favorites, I hope you have enjoyed reading my post. I have so many interesting posts for you this month, girls. Stay with me if I made you curious:) I wish everyone an amazing week! And what have you been loving recently?

Lots of love,
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