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Versatile Blogger Award

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Hi cuties! I want to say a big thanks to Naomi from Naomi Talk Beauty for the nomination. It was fun to remember interesting things about my life and features of my personality, usually people don`t give importance to such things. I hope 


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So here are some interesting facts about me:

 One month ago I moved from Europe to Brazil to marry my future husband. I`m going to do a little post about my life here for all who are interested.

• I`m not a native english speaker, that`s why I have so many mistakes in my blog posts:) I wonder even how can someone like them and follow my blog...lol

• I`m not a communicative person and being a blogger helps me to find new friends and open myself. Blogging is very important for me.

• I don`t like popular things. This feature of my character must be left to me from my wild youth. I like to found my own way, even if it`s a wrong way sometimes...

• I love everything dark and gothic. It is hard to don`t fall in love with this romantic beauty.

• Fashion is my weak point, very weak. But I`m trying to learn :)

• Music is one of my weaknesses and sometimes it makes me cry. I try to feel it with my soul.

Here are cuties who I want to nominate:

Lizzie from My Pretty Obsession
Brittnee from A beauty Product A Day
Nancy from Fancy Nancy
Amy from Face it Amy
Taylor from Beauty and a Blogger
Hollie from Meow Hollie

Thanks for reading, dears, I really hope you liked my answers. If you did don`t forget to follow my blog. I`ll talk to you soon, bye bye <3