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Cold Winter Night Makeup look

smoky eye step by step tutorial

Goo day, ladies! Winter is one of the most beautiful times of a year. As I have moved in a place where winter doesen't exist I started to miss cold weather and snow. So I decided to create a beautiful winter makeup look, but I walked away from usual winter colours - silver and blue. I got my inspiration from the colours of winter sky. So here are some steps I followed to create this look:
smoky eye step by step tutorial

1. Prime your eyes with face powder. To create this winter makeup we will need to blend a lot. Put some white eye pencil on the inner corner of the eye, blend with your finger.
2. Put a very light tea green colour on the top;
3. On the middle of the eye lid put violet - purple colour;
4. After goes the darkest shade - black. Put it on the outer corner of your eye, creating a beautiful wing shape. Line the outer half of the bottom lashline;
5. Next step is blending. Using fluffy blending brush mix the transtitions between colours. Line your eyes with black eye pencil and put black eyeshadows on the top, to make the look more smokey. Don't forget about the water line.
6. Use the same tea green colour for hightlights. Pn the inner corner of the bottom lashline put some light purple eye pencil with glitter. Finish with mascara.

That's all for my winter makeup look. I hope you liked :) If you are interested in more makeup tutorials for winter don't be shy leave a comment for me. I will definitely create winter makeups for you. Thanks to be with me girls. I'll talkl to you soon, bye bye <3