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Cute Liquid Eyeliner by Yanqina / Review & Swatches

korean cosmetics review
korean cosmetics review, cute panda
korean cosmetics review, cute panda

Hi cupcakes! How are you doing? I hope your Christmas Eve was amazing and you had a lot of fun with your families and friends. So today I`m going to tell you about my recent love - little cute panda liquid eyeliner by Yanqina. You know how I`m obsessed with a cute packaging (every girls is) and what can be better than this sweet panda snout?
So this amazing eyeliner also came somewhere from Asia and, girls, it is so amazing! Everything that I demand from eyeliner is a good pigmentation, smooth application and fast drying. Yanqina eyeliner absolutely satisfies me in every point. More than that it is very easy to remove and stays for a long time without fading. And for those girls who use eyeliner very frequent and it dries out or become thick very fast eyeliner by Yanqina has a small ball inside. So now you just need to shake it well before usage and eyeliner will become fresh again.
Yanqina eyeliner comes in different design so everyone can add some cuteness in the makeup bag. I hope you liked my little review. If so become my follower and leave a comment down below with you opinion. I`ll see you very soon, girls. Wish you an amazing day and holidays :3