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Monthly Favourites / November

beauty haul, beauty products
beauty haul beauty products
beauty haul, beauty products
beauty haul, beauty products

Hi, my dears! Do you believe that November is finished already? It was not the most amazing time of my year and I`m actually ready that it has pass. But it is always pleasant to think that you can start everything from the beginning in the new month. And here are a small among of products that I was loving during the past month. For some of them I did a review already so you can follow the links to learn more about these products. So here are my November favourites.

Body Mousse Organic Vanilla & Orchid by Organic Shop 

The first products I`ve been loving this October is Body Mousse by Organic Shop. I have bought this mousse few months ago and even did a review, but started to use it just now. Girls, you need to feel how pleasant is the scent of this product! It is sooo tasty. I want to put it on my skin again and again. Mousse has a very light formula so it absorbs immediately. It is my must have for the cold time of  year.

Maybelline Color Sensational in # 836 Sweet Pearl

I didn`t really like this lipstick at first. Especially because of the pearly glitter it makes my lips dry. But after I found a solution - moisturazing my lips with balm before wear lipstick - I can`t stop using it. I really like how it looks on my lips and really like the shade. These little micronized pearls not just makes your lips shiny but helps lipstick to last longer, almost forever :) Follow the link to see my review and swatch.

Beauty Wonder Oil Swedish Spa by Oriflame

I purchased this oil some months ago and finally decided to include it in my November  favourites post. And the reason why I decided to do this is coz for many of you this time of a year is very cold. We all know how it`s important to keep out skin moisturized during the cold seasons. I`m a huge fan of tasty smells, that`s why I picked body and hair oil from Swedish Spa line by Oriflame. Girls, you definitely need to try it! It is a miracle in a bottle.This oil has a smell of ginger and spices - best smell for winter time. Actually for me it smells like a Christmas :) Smell stays in the skin for a long time and skin feels so soft and moisturized after. I didn`t try this oil for my hair yet, but if I do I`ll write a more detail post later.

Eye to Eye Sugar Scrub for lips by Faberlic

One more products in my favourites which I didn`t like at first:) But after few tries this Eye to Eye Sugar Scrub became a part of my skin care routine. I love it so much and I`m almost sure that it was made totally from natural ingridients. It is very gentle. I even think it should be more rough for me. But this sugar scrub is the best variant for sensative skin.  Stay with me for a detail review :3

Eye to Eye Eye Pencil by Faberlic

And finally the last product from my November Favourites list is an eye pencil by Oriflame. Very simple purple shade with lots of glitter - nothing can be better for holidays :) It goes in a regular pencil package which is the pest option for me. I like to keep my pencils sharp. I already used it to create my Clear Amethyst makeup and I`m going to use it for my New Year  look also.

That was all my November favourites, I hope you found my post interesting. Please let me know if you liked in comments. I wish you to spend your holidays amazingly with your closest friends and relatives. What have you been loving past month?