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My Skin Care Routine / Updated

facial care for women, faberlic young care
facial care for women, faberlic young care
facial care for women, faberlic young care
facial care for women, faberlic young care

Hi dears! Some months ago I already did a post about my current skin care routine, but a lot has changed from that time. Some products dissapointed me, some I stopped to like. All products that I was using were from different companies and they didn`t match with each other, and we know how important is when all cosmetics is from one line. 
After I tried few products by Faberlic from their Young Face Care line I literally fell in love in them:) So I decided to purchase all products from this line for my skin care routine. Girls, it is hard to describe how I adore them! Now I don`t imagine my life without these products. I like totally everything, starting by the price and ending with the gorgeous design. Here I describe all the steps of my skin care routine and all products which I like to use.

1. Faberlic Young Crystal Make-Up Remover

I never tried a better makeup remover than a Crystal Make-Up Remover by Faberlic. Before I used L`oreal Skin Perfection Milk, but it was so heavy an oily. It was also iritating my eyes very much. But Faberlic Remover has a very very light formula, looks just like a water. It doesen`t irritate my eyes and removes the makeup perfectly. And sure no oily or sticky feeling after usage. The best makeup remover I tried for now.

2. Faberlic Young Care Deep Cleansing Scrub Mask

This products, actually is 2 in 1, because you can use it as a cleansing scrub or as a facial mask,  depends what results you want to achieve. I use it daily to wash my face, but it is also nice as mattifying face mask. This product is very very gentle. Exfoliating granules are very tiny, they are almost polishing the skin. And it becomes so soft and fresh after this Scrub - Mask. Amazing addition to anyone`s skin care routine.

3. Faberlic Young Delicate Face Toner

Thanks to this amazing Face Toner I forgot what is oily skin. I`m using it before to put my foundation. It cleans face skin from extra oiliness and mattifies it. Many toners after usage leave a sticky feeling on the skin, but Faberlic Delicate Face Toner dries out immediately without any wet or sticky feelings.

4. Faberlic Young Care Moisturizing Face Cream

So after I scrubbed my face I moisturaze it with Moisturazing Face Cream also by Faberlic. Formula of this cream is very very light and it absorbs in one second. It doesen`t leave oily feeling on my face and doesen`t clump my pores. It is everything I demand from daily facial cream. 

5. Eye to Eye Sugar Scrub for Lips

And the last, but definitely not least product in my skin care routine is lips` Sugar Scrub from Eye to Eye line also by Faberlic. At first I didn`t like this sugar scrub at all. I think it is because I used it incorrectly. The main ingridients are vaseline and sugar, so you need just to put a small quantity of the scrub on your lips, gently rub them and take off the excess with tissue. Lips after this scrub are so gentle and moisturized! And effect lasts for a long time. Eye to Eye scrub smells like a caramel, not that fake flavor enhancer, but a real caramel, that you do at home. So amazing!

My skin is not problematic -  I don`t have acne, dark circles under my eyes and my skin is not oily. So my skin care routine is quite simple and doesen`t change at night. Once per one or two weeks I pumper my skin with some nourishing homemade masks, you can follow this link to learn some of my favourite recipes. I choose the mask depending on my skin condition or my mood:) 

I hope my post was interesting and useful for you. If you liked my blog please stay with me. I have so many interesting makeup tutorials, review and hauls for you, ladies. All necessary link you can find below. Also don`t forget to tell me your opinion in commentaries. I`ll talk to you in my next blog post very soon. Bye xxx

P. S. It was not a sponsored post, all products I purchased by myself.