light green and shimmering eye look for new year's eve party

Hi, dears! To tell the truth I spent so much time creating a makeup look for New Year. I did more than three different makeup tutorials for you, lovelies, but none of them was good enough for New Year's Eve. I decided to take a look on google and discovered that a New 2014 Year will be a year of the blue or green horse. So a new idea for a makeup tutorial easily arrived in my mind. For this makeup, I used very light but so glamorous silver and emerald colors. I hope you will like this tutorial and maybe someone from you will even use my idea for New Year's Eve.

light green and shimmering eye look for new year's eve party

1. Prime your eyes and put white eye pencil and blend it with your finger. It will be as a base for our silver eyeshadow;

2. Dab silver eyeshadow on the top of our pencil;

3. Put emerald green eyeshadow on the crease and blend out;

4. Next step is to line the eyes and highlight the brow bone with light shimmering eyeshadow;

5. On the bottom lash line and water put a darker green eyeshadow. Then add some white pencil to the waterline and the inner corner of your eye. Don’t forget about a few coats of mascara or maybe false lashes?

So that's all, cuties. Please let me know in the comments if you like this makeup look. Is it suitable for New Year's night? Thanks for being with me this year. I'll talk to you all very soon, in the next year!

Lots of love,