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The Christmas Tag

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First time I saw this tag on the blog by Naomi. Nobody tagged me personally but I wanted to answer all these question so much:) So here are my answers for the Christmas tag.

Do you prefer a real tree or synthetic?

I prefer synthetic tree, because I`m against cutting trees for our pleasure. Synthetic trees nowadays are very beautiful!

You’re in a coffee shop, it is December what do you pick?

Just something sweet and with lots of milk:)

What is your favourite colour scheme to decorate the tree?

Each year I tell to myself that my Christmas tree will be very classy and all the toys will be the same colour. But when I start to decorate it I can`t just choose one colour, I need to put everything on my tree.

Giving or receiving?

I love both. Few years ago I would say receiving, but today I finally understand how it`s cool to give presents and make people around me happy.

To mince pie or not to?

I love pies, never tried these one but will search a recipe

What is your traditional Christmas dinner?

As I`m not from US I have totally different traditions. Orthodox Christmas is on 6th of January and traditionally we go to our relatives and sharing the food with each other. We don`t eat turkey but we have a tradition to have 12 dishes on the table. It represents the twelve Apostles.

Christmas Day fashion?

It depends on my mood. Just smth beautiful and comfortable:)

Favourite Christmas song?

Sure Carol of the Bells:)

Favourite Christmas film?

Love Home Alone. It`s a movie of my childhood. Always gives me a pleasant memories.

Presents before or after lunch?

During the lunch or instead of the lunch! Give me my presents:)

Thanks for reading me dears. These questions gave me a Christmas mood :) I hope to you too. I tag everyone who read this and wish you to have a good weekend! Kisses.