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They`re Real Mascara by Benefit / Review

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Good morning, girls! I`ve read many different reviews about They`re Real by Benefit. Some say it is their all time favourite mascara and some people complain. I always wanted to try how it actually works, to create my own opinion.

They`re Real mascara comes in a very cute glossy tube stylized under the sixties. As I understand almost all Benefit`s cosmetics comes in a very stylish vintage packaging. Firstly when I saw the brush I was not sure that it can create volume on my lashes, but I was wrong. This brush not just perfectly separates my lashes but also gives them length and volume. On the tip of the wand Benefit`s mascara has a magic spiked bomb, which was created to work with the tiny lashes on the inner corner of the eyes.

Process of application was kind messy, but I`m sure that it is because mascara is too fresh yet. As it was mentioned on the packaging They`re Real mascara is buildable - you can apply as many layers as you want. I applied about three layers and my lashes were still beautiful and well separated. One more very important feature of They`re Real is that this mascara really holds the curve. I have a very bad lashes and usually even good mascaras don`t look nice on them. So I was very impressed how this mascara worked on my poor lashes.

They`re Real Mascara lasts eternity! It really does. I know that it`s very bad for my skin and lashes but I fell asleep and haven`t removed mascara. When I woke my lashes were exactly the same as when I applied They`re Real. Serious, no joke. Any fall outs, any mess just a perfectly separated fresh lashes with beautiful curve.

So what can I say. They`re Real Mascara by Benefit is the best variant for those, who likes a natural looking lashes. When Benefit gave a name for this mascara they meant that your lashes will look real and natural. I`m very glad that I purchased it. I don`t regret at all. For all of you, who are not sure that They`re Real will work Benefit has a travel size. See you soon, ladies. Let me know if you tried it also.