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Tony Moly Tint | Review & Swatches

korean cosmetics review
korean cosmetics review
korean cosmetics review

Hi, cuties! How was your New Year`s Eve? I hope you had a good time with your family and friends! My Korean obsession continues and today I want to perform to you this little cuteness called Tony Moly Lip Tint. I have just a sample size but it was enough for me to make my conclusions. This little tint was created to make that famous and beautiful doll lips effect.

By the consistency and formula Tony Moly tint reminds of ink. Sure, not in a bad sense. Tint is just super pigmented and concentrated, so you need just a small drop to cover the whole lips. I wish it has a better small, if it was smelling like cherry or strawberry I would use it with more pleasure. But on the other hand it is better for allergic people. The shade I own in # 01 - cherry pink. It is a very bright crimson red color, which can be also used as a blush. By the way, don`t be afraid that if tint will arrive in a very small size. It is really very tiny, and the bottle is half full (not half empty).

Tony Moly tint stays on the lips for eternity, it is even kind hard to remove. You can be sure that after the whole day your lips will still look perfect. All you need to reach a beautiful dolly lips effect is to apply few drops on the bottom lips, smudge and finish with a lip gloss. 

That`s all, cuties. Let me know if someone of you also tried this tint by Tony Moly. Did you like it? Thanks to be with me. I wish you an awesome weekend! Kisses :3

Lots of love,
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