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Face Five Challenge Tag

no makeup makeup look tutorial

Hi ladies! I'm very sorry to take so much time to create this Face Five Challenge Makeup Look. It was so much fun to create this and I hope you will also enjoy!

Here are the rules of this challenge:

1. Use Five Products to Create a Complete Make-Up look
2. Each different Product Counts as 1 Product
3. No Palettes Allowed ( no Trios, Quads, Or Multi- Shade Palettes)
4. Tag Five others

I was not the most creative person so I just went for an easy and fresh no makeup makeup look. If you are in hurry or simply want to look natural, you can always use these tricks to underline your pros.

So I lined my upper waterline with black pencil and added a little bit along my lash line. Then I smudged pencil to make it less harsh and more natural looking. I filled my eyebrows with brow pencil, curled my lashes and used mascara for upper and bottom lashes. I was need to neglect foundation and use just a face powder to make skin matte. And in the end I put some moisturazing neautral beige lipstick.

I'm totally sure that everyone will look amazing with this makeup and nobody will even perceive that you actually use it. Hope it was useful girls, I'll see you soon <3

No Makeup Makeup  tutorial

Products I used:
Mac Eye Kohl in `Smolder`
Artdeco All In One Mascara
Faberlic Brow Pencil
Pupa Luminys Baked Powder
Essence Lipstick # 52 `In the nude`

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