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Celebrity Skin Clarifying Skin Polish / Review

Celebrity Skin cosmetics makeup review
Celebrity Skin cosmetics review
Celebrity Skin cosmetics review

Hi girls! Today I'll tell you about Celebrity Skin Clarifying Skin Polish*  which is 2 in 1 cream cleanser and facial scrub. Celebrity Skin is a natural skin care company and all their products are paraben and sulfate free. I heard many positive reviews and was really excited to try their products. Celebrity Skin is a retailer of skincare and cosmetic products, and on their site you can also find mineral makeup, body treatments and hair care products. 

So the first things I did before to use Clarifying Skin Polish is check it's ingredients. I was very impressed how many useful and natural products they used to create a composition  - apricot, avocado, coconut and apricot oils, crushed walnut, which gentle exfoliates the skin. They even added buttermilk powder and vegetable glycerin to nourish and moisturize the skin. All ingredients are organic and I bet very beneficial for facial skin care. 

Celebrity Skin Clarifying Skin Polish has a very creamy consistency and a very gentle exfoliating parts. Perfect for sensitive or irritated skin. It doesn't foam but cleans the skin very nice. It feels so smooth and soft after the usage. You don't even need to moisturize your face afterwards, skin polish already did this for you. I guess Clarifying Skin Polish will perfectly fit for all skin types and as it's effect is so gentle, so you can use it on a daily basis. Girls, I wanted to add that everyone knows how it is important when products have a pleasant scent.  This skin polish has an awesome gentle scent of fruit yogurt, you will like.

Overall I liked this skin polish by Celebrity Skin very much and would highly recommend it for everyone.  If you search for a high quality natural skin care products you should definitely try Celebrity Skin. Here are their Twitter and Facebook.  Thanks to stay with me girls, I'll talk to you very soon. Bye, bye :3

Lots of love,

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