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Body Moisturizer Sou by Natura / Review

Natura cosmeticos revisão
Natura cosmeticos revisão
Natura cosmeticos revisão

Good day sweethearts! I finally decided to sit and write a review for one brazilian beauty treat - body lotion by amazing brazilian company which produces natural beauty products. It calls Natura and they have an amazing range of different products - hair and body treatment, makeup products and even accessories. 

As I never tried anything By Natura I picked the most simple product to start with. This body moisturizer goes in a super simple, but very cute packaging. The idea of this plastic packaging is that you can squeeze out all product till the last drop. We all know how it's hard to reach the bottom of lotion's bottle :) But you will not have the same problems with this bag. And what I want to mention is the colour - isn't it gorgeous!

Formula of Sou moisturizer is also very simple but very cool, it was developed for normal skin type. It includes coconut oil and glycerin, which  are good for nourishing of skin. Consistency is a bit watery, but it perfectly absorbs into the skin and lasts for 24 hours. Smell reminds me of chamomile, even though it was not included the list of ingredients. But in some time it transforms in amazingly sweet and light odor on your skin. Love it :3

I enjoyed this Body Moisturizer Sou by Natura very much and will definitely try more products by this company. Thank you to stay with me girls, I hope it was interesting to read. Have a nice day, I will see you soon again <3

Lots of love,
Liza xx