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Fruttini Milky Orange Body Lotion / Review

Fruttini cosmetics review
Fruttini cosmetics review
Fruttini Milky Orange Body Lotion Review
Hello ladies! Sometime ago I purchased this products ones, but I didn't give enough attention to this beauty product on my blog. Today I will try to correct my little mistake and tell you about Fruttini Milky Orange Body Lotion. If you are a big fan of scented products, like me, you will also adore this body lotion.
Fruttini is a German brand, they have a huge line of skin care products with different tasty scents, like chocolate, strawberry, vanilla and others. I'm totally sure that everyone will find something to please their noses and skin :) 

Fruttini Body Lotion comes in regular tube, which contains 200 ml of the products. Lotion has liquid consistency and super sweet orange fragrance, it reminds me the smell of yogurt. The scent on the skin lasts for a very long time. I think this lotion will be perfect for everyday usage in summer, because it has a very light texture. It absorbs into the skin immediately and doesen't leave greasy feeling. But if you don't like a strong - scented products it's better to choose something different. 

In the summer time our skin needs special care and a good nutrition. So I'm definitely going to buy it again, but maybe this time will try a different fragrance. Thanks to be with me girls, have a good day , bye bye!

Lots of love,
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