Madison Street Beauty cosmetics review Madison Street Beauty Mineral EyeShadows Review Swatches liz breygel january girl

Hello, my lovelies, today I'm going to share with you my thoughts on gorgeous mineral eye shadows by Madison Street Beauty*. This company offers all natural and environmentally friendly products for a very affordable price. And the main idea of their philosophy is to show people that they don't need to pay a huge price for high quality cosmetics, which don't hurt the environment. So let's take a detailed look on Madison Street Eye Shadows.

Madison Street Beauty cosmetics review swatches Madison Street Beauty Mineral EyeShadows Review Swatches liz breygel january girl

Madison Street Beauty Mineral Eye Shadows come in transparent plastic containers, with a safety seal inside. You will receive 1 g. / 0, 035 oz in each bottle, and believe me it is more than enough. These eye shadows will last for years, they don't have an expiration date, because all the ingredients are organic.

Madison Street Beauty fairy dust, nightshade, french lavender, storm, plum, garden bud, cotton , champagne, ganache swatch

Here is a little description of the shades I have:

# 142 Fairy Dust - duochrome light purple and mint color;
# 114 Nightshade - metallic light purple color;
# 37 French Lavender - bright lavender 
# 185 Storm - deep blue with light blue shimmer;
# 74 Plum - smoky plum purple color;
# 1787 - Garden Bud - shimmery baby pink with light purple;
# 178 Cotton - almost matte, slightly frosty white color;
# 08 - Champagne - light brown with lots of shimmer;
# 43 - Ganache - dark brown color with golden shimmer.

Madison Street Beauty makeup look purple makeup Madison Street Beauty Mineral EyeShadows Review Swatches liz breygel january girl

These loose eyeshadows have a truly unique formula, all ingredients are natural and mostly consist of minerals and pigments. You can easily check this on the bottom of the jar. Each eye shadow has its unique shade and consistency, but all of them high pigmented and well blendable. To make them last longer and appear even brighter I suggest to use eyeshadow primer. Especially if you are going to wear eyeshadows with glitter or shimmer. Madison Street Beauty proposes a huge range with different colors and shades of eye shadows, I bet everyone would find what they were looking for! Currently they have a big sale on their website, each eye shadow retails just for $2.00.

I liked to use mineral eye shadows by Madison Street Beauty very much, but I think these mineral eye shadows more for professional use than home. Not everyone knows how to work correctly with loose pigments and it could be hard. In the end I want to add my makeup look, which I created using Madison Street Beauty Eye Shadows. I hope to post more makeup looks featuring these mineral eye shadows later. Hope you liked my post, I'll talk to you later.

Lots of love,