model in a bottle cosmetics review

Hello, ladies, today I'm going to tell you about Makeup Setting Spray by Model in a Bottle*, which was exclusively formulated  for girls with a sensitive skin type. This is the first makeup setting spray I used and I actually very satisfied with the results.

So, let's talk in details about the spray's formula. Model in a Bottle added hydro essential oils of lavender and aloe vera in their Original Setting Spray to prevent irritation of sensitive skin and provide an extra nourishing. So, if you have a very sensible skin, or acne problems you can use it everyday without afraid of inflammation. Setting Spray has a natural lavender scent. It smells like when you're walking through the summer field.

Model in a Bottle Setting Spray doesn't leave a heavy or sticky feeling on your skin. And what I'm really impressed with is a matte finish of the spray which lasts for the whole daily. I would strongly recommend this product for girls with oily skin. After the whole day of wearing my makeup I didn't perceive any smudging, creasing or oiliness on my face. With Model in a bottle-setting spray you will forget about touch ups of your makeup or even about carrying your makeup bag with you. 

model in a bottle cosmetics review

How to apply: apply your makeup as usual, allow mascara to dry completely. Close your eyes and spray evenly 10 - 12 inches (25 -3- cm) from the face. Allow setting spray 20 - 30 seconds to try before opening your eyes. Instruction doesn't tell us how much spray to use. I think to set your everyday makeup you will need just one coat. But if you are wearing primer, heavy foundation and dramatic eye makeup you can set it twice for a longer wear.

That's been my little review and impressions about Model in a Bottle Makeup Setting Spray for a Sensitive Skin. I think it is a must have product during the hot summer months. We all need to make sure that our makeup will stay on it's place all day long. Thanks for reading me girls, see you soon!

Lots of love,