how to fill in your eyebrows step by step tutorial  liz breygel january girl blogger

Hi ladies! Today I'm going to do a little update for my eyebrow routine. In last few months I have changed products I was using to fill in my eyebrows and also I've slightly changed the way I was filling them. If you are interested girls I invite you to take a look at this eyebrow tutorial I made for you.

eyebrow products  liz breygel january girl blogger

Products I've used:

Mac Eye Kohl in `Teddy`
Model in a Bottle Eyebrow Sealer
Camouflage Cream Concealer Palette 
Flat Synthetic Concealer brush
Eyebrow brush/comb

how to fill in your eyebrows step by step tutorial   liz breygel january girl blogger

1. Usually I'm starting just from combing my eyebrow's hair, but if your hair is not dense or you're using eyeshadow to fill them, then you should start with primer on the top of your eyebrow;

2. Now I'm filling in my eyebrow with pencil. I start not from very beginning, but leave few millimeters empty. I fill the empty spaces between my natural hair;

3. Continue till the natural arch of my eyebrow (highest point of the eyebrow);

4. The next step is to smudge the pencil. I will just go through with eyebrow brush, combing the hair in different directions.

5. Then I will conceal mistakes and make my eyebrows look neat with clear edges. I add more pencil if there is a need;

6. The last step is to comb your eyebrows again and set them with eyebrow gel.

Here are few advises for you girls, which will help your eyebrows to look natural and perfectly shaped.  Pay attention while choosing color of the pencil or shadows for your eyebrows. Don't forget that they should match the color of your hair or roots. If your  hair is black, the pencil also should be black, if you are blond it should be blond, and if your hair is pink your eyebrows will look the best in pink shade.

If you have a problem to define your eyebrow shape you can buy a special eyebrow stencil. It will help you to fill in your eyebrows correctly. Today there are lots of stencils in every drugstore or beauty online shops. Remember that there is no perfect standard for eyebrows. The best shape is one that the nature gave to you.

Don't over tweeze your natural eyebrows. There is no need to tweeze them each few days. Better do that once per few weeks - nobody will even perceive your small growing hair under the layer of concealer and makeup. And if you are not sure how to shape your eyebrows or it is your firs time it is better to go to professional makeup artist.

I hope my little advises and tutorial will help you to fill in your own eyebrows. If you have a questions or suggestions please let me know in comments down below. I will answer you as soon as I can. Stay beautiful ladies and have a good time. Bye, bye!

Lots of love,