Plump & Long - Lasting Lips Tutorial Fuller lips tutorial

Good morning my ladies and happy, how do you feel today? I have a very cool and I hope very useful tutorial for you. All girls want their lips to look full and attractive, but there is a way to make them last long also. Especially I would recommend this method for girls who chose a bright red or pink lipstick, because we don't want color to fade soon. Here is a very easy step by step pictorial which will teach you how to make your lips plump and your lipstick long-lasting.

how to make your lips look fuller, lipstick tutorial
1. Before to start make sure that the skin on your lips is smooth. You can exfoliate it with your favorite lip scrub or massage them with a soft tooth brush. Then put a lip balm on your lips to moisturize the skin;

2. Now take lip liner the same shade (or one shade darker) with your lipstick. Line your lips, correcting your lip shape;

3. Then put your lipstick on and let it absorb a little;

4. Take a tissue and dab it on your lips;

5. Put a layer of compact or translucent powder on your lips. You can use a brush, puff or even your fingers, as you wish;

6. Put another layer of liner and lipstick and finish with shiny lip gloss. You can also use concealer to define the shape of your lips and make them look neat.

That was all girls, I hope this tutorial will help your lips to look fuller and your lipstick will stay on it's place the whole day. If you like my tutorial don't forget to follow my blog for more interesting looks and review. I wish everyone an awesome day and I'll  talk to you very soon again!

Lots of love,