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^i^ My Beautiful Angels ^i^

My Beautiful Angels beauty Angel Blog Elizabeth Breygel

Hi girls! Hope you're doing great today. This little post will be about my beauty bloggers - friends, who inspire me and always support me during the whole existence of my blog. About a year ago, when I started to post my first articles on Beauty Angel I literary didn't know how to be a blogger , everything was so new and everything has a rules. These ladies and their blogs were an examples for me. And even today I visit them for a breath of fresh ideas and to stay in trend. So here are my angels, make sure you visit their blogs. But I bet you already know most of these beauties :)

My Beautiful Angels beauty Angel Blog Elizabeth Breygel

Liz Outh from My Pretty Obsessions

Lizzie is one of my first blogger friends. She is a young mom and beloved wife living in hot Texas. Her blog is all about beauty reviews and tips and I love sooo much her FOTD posts :) She is super sweet and nice person and I know that I can always come to her for the advice!

My Beautiful Angels beauty Angel Blog Elizabeth Breygel
Liliana Ayala from Beauty With Lily

Her makeup always looks perfect and professional, and I just wish I had such a pretty hair like Lily does :) I always take her as an example of neat makeup look and perfectly looking hear. Thanks dear!

Laurie Marks from That Laurie Girl

Laurie not just a blogger, she also owns a beauty channel on YouTube, where she does an amazing makeup tutorials and beauty reviews. Recently she started Beauty News Network series on her channel, where she tests and shares her thoughts and results on different products. And she is simply so much fun , always makes my mood better :)

My Beautiful Angels beauty Angel Blog Elizabeth Breygel
Ashley Maria from Ashley Maria Life. Love.Beauty

Ashley started her blog at the same time with me and now she is planning to start her own YouTube channel, where she will share her beauty advises with us. So I wish her a good luck and lot's of inspiration :)

My Beautiful Angels beauty Angel Blog Elizabeth Breygel
Sisi from Beauty4Free2U

Sisi was born and raised in Germany, but now shes living with her family in Florida. She has an awesome YouTube Chanel  with interesting hauls, reviews and even DIY videos! I personally love her OOTD pics and monthly reviews. 

My Beautiful Angels beauty Angel Blog Elizabeth Breygel
Jackie Leung from Five Two Certified

Jackie writes about everything: fashion, beauty, events and more. She has an awesome taste and I adore her style! Most of all I like to read her monthly favourites - she always picks the best products and shares her honest opinion with the readers.

My Beautiful Angels beauty Angel Blog Elizabeth Breygel
Shalunya from Shalunya and Boyet

Unfortunately Shalunya stopped blogging few months ago, due to personal reasons, but I still want to mention that her in this list. I just think that her blog is amazing! She wrote not just about beauty, but about her personal life and everyday struggles, she helped many people and reminded all of us that we should keep fighting. I love her blog and I want to wish her to stay such and amazing positive person as she is. We miss you Shalunya :)

My Beautiful Angels beauty Angel Blog Elizabeth Breygel
Keisha Ramsay from The Crysalis Gals

Keisha is a professional makeup artist with a huge passion for everything pink! She is also and owner of Chrysalis Cosmetics which recently launched their new makeup line called `Prism`. But even though Keisha is such a busy person, she always finds time to visit my blog and leave a sweet comment. Thanks Keisha :)

Sure there are still so many girls, who support me with their comments and advises and I really really appreciate this. Thank you dear Chelsea, Cella, Louise, Betti, Cdel - you are amazing girls, I love your blogs! Special thanks to my readers, without you my blog would never exist. If I forgot to mention someone, please sweets don't get angry with me, I never meant to offend anyone of you. Let me know who is your favourite bloggers and blogger - friends in comments, I'm interested in your opinion guys :) Maybe you know one of these beauties? Thanks for reading my post, I wish you a ton of inspiration and I'll talk to you soon, bye bye Xxxx 

Lots of love,