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Skinue Sampler Set Review & GIVEAWAY! [Closed]

bblogger giveaway, acne prone skin products giveaway

Hi everyone, what an amazing day is today, isn't it? Today I have an amazing opportunity to share with you my thoughts about Skinue Sampler Set* and in the end to do a giveaway for everyone who would like to try these products. Skinue was founded by a beautiful woman scientist Penelope, and who can understand women's necessities better than another woman? Skinue skin care line contains all natural active ingredients, and the main ingredient is a camel's milk. It perfectly fits everyone, who is a fan of simple and natural skin care. So let's take a more detailed look at every product from the set.

bblogger giveaway, acne prone skin products giveaway

SKINUE Facial Wash ($25.00)

Skinue Facial Wash is a gentle cleanser for acne-prone skin. It has a very nice scent and does it's job perfectly. It removes oil and makeup from the skin and fights against breakouts at the same time. Skinue Facial Wash easily washes from skin and doesn't leave a soapy or dry feeling.

SKINUE Cream ($40.00)

This magical cream probably my favorite product from the set. I love how light is the formula and how quickly it absorbs into the skin. I'm totally sure that Skinue Cream would work perfectly for any skin type - oily, dry, or acne-prone skin. This cream has an innovative solution, which kills the bacteria after you apply it on your skin. On the next morning after I applied Skinue Cream my skin felt baby soft, I never had such a gentle feeling!

SKINUE Dry Skin Lotion ($50.00)

Skinue Dry Skin Lotion was formulated to cure dry hands and feet. It has a heavy, nourishing formula and includes natural oils, which help to moisturize rough and cracked skin and make it look healthy and soft.

bblogger giveaway, acne prone skin products giveaway

SKINUE Brightening Cream ($60.00)

This brightening cream by Skinue is a solution for everyone who wants to even their skin tone and fight against age spots hyper - pigmentation or even stretch marks. It also lights up dark circles or any other dark areas on the face. I guess this travel - sized tube will be enough to fight with dark circles for more than a month.

SKINUE Gel ($36.00)

The next product in the set is refreshing gel for acne-prone skin, which helps to remove acne and cleans break outs faster. Even though I don't have problematic skin, sometimes I have hormonal breakouts, so I found Skinue Gel very useful. It has a very light texture and absorbs in the skin very fast.

SKINUE Serum ($38.00)

Skinue Serum was also formulated to fight against acne breakouts. The texture of this serum look a bit like a Skinue Gel, but it is more watery. Serum should be applied right after cleaning the skin on the affected area. It easily absorbs and has a very pleasant sweet scent.

SKINUE Massage Gel ($40.00)

Skinue Massage Gel was tested out on my husband. At the end of the day he usually has tense aching muscles and it is hard to get relaxed for him. After I applied this massage gel on his shoulders he felt relieved in few minutes. Gel has a fresh scent and slightly cooling effect. It will be useful for everyone who feels tense after the long working day or exercises.

Did you already like some of the products and want to try a full size? You are welcome to visit Skinue official website and buy some beauty treats to pamper your skin. I have a special coupon code for all my angels. By entering `100FF` you will receive a 10 % off your purchase.

If you would also like to try out these amazing products by Skinue you have an amazing opportunity! Skinue has offered a giveaway and all my readers can take part in the competition. You can join this giveaway by filling the form below for a chance to win the same skin care sampler set by Skinue. Here are some simple rules:

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- The giveaway will run from Tuesday 1st July 2014 until Sunday 20th July 2014.

Angels I want to wish you all good luck and I really hope that you will enjoy these goodies. I'll talk to you very soon again, love you all!

Lots of love,