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Xenca Perfection Lipgloss / Review & Swatches

xenca perfection cosmetics review makeup swatches
xenca perfection cosmetics makeup review
xenca perfection cosmetics makeup review
xenca perfection cosmetics makeup review

Happy Tuesday beautiful angels, the time has come to review this beauty by Xenca perfection cosmetics. I already shared with you my thoughts about Xenca Lipstick and today I'm going to be talking about Xenca Perfection Lipgloss  from the same beauty line. I want to say thanks to Louise from Kinder Health & Beauty blog, who provided me as opportunity to try these products.

Xenca Perfection Lipgloss comes in soft cardboard packaging made of a scrap paper. On my opinion it is an awesome idea! Who needs solid plastic or glass bottles for makeup if we throw them away after usage? And in this was we are saving our environment for our children :)The main mission of Xenca brand is to let people enjoy natural cosmetics without paying expensive and without harming the nature. 

Most of the ingredients for Perfection Lipgloss were produced from organic farming. That's why all Xenca makeup are suitable for sensitive, problematic and allergic skin types.  This lipgloss even smells like almonds. very tasty :) At first when I put this lipgloss it felt like I have sugar on my lips. But in a minute granules have melted and haven't bothered me anymore. Xenca Lipgloss is absolutely clear with a bit of shimmer, it gives a natural shiny finish to your lips. It works almost like a lip balm - moisturizes and makes the lips very soft and smooth. And one more advantage - Xenca Lipgloss is not sticky at all! 

Overall I liked to use Perfection Lipgloss very much, and I can recommend it for all my angels who like to use natural cosmetics and care about the environment. This lipgloss retails for £12.95 and you can buy it on Xenca's oficcial website here. Wish you all a nice day girls, bye bye xxx

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