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Day To Night / Makeup & Outfit Transformation

daily everyday makeup step by step tutorial night makeup pictures

Hi my lovely ladies! How do you feel yourselves today? I have a wonderful mood and a wonderful new post for all of you angels. Everyone of you can agree that women`s life takes a crazy rhythm sometimes and we can barely have a time to sit and relax. But despite of all the things we need to do during the day we always want to look our best. So today I decided to create a very simple and at the time gorgeous day to night makeup transformation. I`m going to explain how to transform your everyday makeup to a dramatic night look, using just a few extra products and minimum of your time. So after the long busy day you can easily go to a party or on a date with your love, without any extra hard effort.

Daily Makeup

Usually on a daily basis it is better to use a neutral pale colours, which will compliment your natural beauty and your eye colour. I chose a very pale baby pink eyeshadow and put it all over my crease. To make my eyes look bigger and longer I lined the half of my lash line with a black eye pencil and smudged it a little. If your everyday makeup to look even more natural, use a brown pencil and a brown mascara. I didn`t put mascara on my bottom lashes, but brighten my under eye area with a concealer. This trick is especially nice for mature women - it gives a slightly anti-aging effect ;)

daily everyday makeup step by step tutorial night makeup pictures

Night Look

And now with a few easy strokes we are going to transform our everyday makeup into smoky night look. So everything we need to do is add more pencil eyeliner and smudge good, to reach a smoky effect. Add some more of the neutral pink eyehsadow that we used at the day and add some dark brown color on the outer corner of the lid and crease. To add more drama line your upper and lower waterlines. You can also add false lashes, or simply put a generous amount of mascara on your natural lashes. And your night makeup is done!

But what about the outfit? Is there any possibility to go on a date or to party with your friends in the everyday outfit? Sure ladies ;) For this post I picked up two outfits with accessories from a Shopbop`s Day to night collection. All the items from this collection perfectly fit for both day and night looks, so you don`t need to spend time thinking and choosing the outfit. I added all the links, so you can easily find the item you liked, but I definitely recommend you to check out the whole collection, you will love it!

Day To Night outfit Look collection shopbop collage

That`s all girls, I hope you liked my makeup and outfit transformation ideas and for someone it would be even useful. Thanks for reading my post girls, let me know your thought in a comments. I wish you all an awesome day and I`ll talk to you again very soon, bye bye <3

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