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I always loved mineral cosmetics and most of the famous makeup artists say that it looks better on the skin and it is easier to work with it. So when these samples of the Buff`d Mineral Cosmetics* have arrived I was super excited to test them out. And I need to admit that I`m impressed with the quality of Buff`d makeup. 

Buff`d Mineral Cosmetics / Review & Swatches liz breyegl janaury girl makeup blogger

In my package, I received seven little bags with four different products - 2 eye shadows, 2 blushes, 2 powder foundations, and illuminating dust. Here are the names and the links to each of the products: 

Gracious Satin Pearl Eye Shadow
Mousy Satin Pearl Eye Shadow
Chilled Pearl Blush
Haunt Velvet Matte Blush
Candlelight Illuminating Dust
Medium Light Mineral Foundation  in Neutral, Light Formulation
Medium Light Mineral Foundation in Beige, Original Formulation

Buff`d Mineral Cosmetics foundation powder Review Swatches pictures samples

Buff`d Mineral Foundations 'Neutral' & 'Beige'

The left swatch is the foundation in Neutral Light Shade and Light formulation, for those who prefer light coverage and great oil absorption. The texture of this foundation is very light and the color perfectly suits my complexion - it has no dominant yellow or pink undertones. There is enough product in the sample pack to wear this foundation once or even twice.

The right swatch is the Buff`d Foundation in Beige Shade and Original formulation. I found the texture a bit more stout than in the light formulation. The shade is described as peachy beige with the slightest yellow undertones. 

Buff`d Mineral Cosmetics blushes chilled haunt Review Swatches pictures samples

Buff`d Mineral Blush'Chilled & 'Haunt'

I loved these blushes so much! Their colors are perfect for the late autumn and wintertime. The left swatch is Chilled blush with a satin pearl finish. The color is described as cool pink - like your cheeks when you come out in the cold weather. It is very pretty and looks natural, so it will fit any skin color.

The right swatch is a blush called Haunt and it has a matte velvet finish. The color is described as dusty plum pink, but I think it has a slightly terracotta shade in it. I need to confess that I`m very tempted to try both blushes as eye shadows as well.

Buff`d Mineral eye shadows gracious mousy Review Swatches pictures samples

Buff'd Mineral Eyeshadow 'Gracious' & 'Mousy'

Both Buff`d eye shadows that I received have a satin pearl finish and it is very easy to work with them. But I would recommend using a good eye shadow primer to make them look even more pigmented and long-lasting. Gracious is a pretty pastel lavender shade with a very soft shimmer, and the mousy is a cool medium brown with silver and golden shimmer. This shade reminds me of Christmas and I even don`t know why! 

Buff`d Mineral Cosmetics illuminating dust highlighter Review Swatches pictures samples

Buff`d Mineral Illuminating Dust 'Candlelight'

And the last, but definitely not least product we are going to talk about is the Buff`d Illuminating dust in color Candlelight. The texture of this illuminator is the same as an eye shadow, but it looks sheerer on the skin and gives a beautiful radiant glow. 

I need to say that I'm very impressed with the Buff'd Cosmetics' color ranges - you can literary find any possible color of eye shadow you need and any possible foundation shade. But the biggest advantage of Buff'd Cosmetics is the ingredients that they to create their makeup products. Buff'd Mineral Cosmetics are made with natural minerals and pigments, oils, and waxes, which are all free from toxins and hypoallergenic to your skin. Also, all of their products have been formulated without being tested on animals.

Do you like to use mineral cosmetics? What is your favorite brand?
Lots of love,