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Faberlic Expert Pharma Cream / Review

фаберлик эксперт фарма крем чувствительной кожи ночной обзор
фаберлик эксперт фарма крем чувствительной кожи ночной обзор

Hi ladies! Do you remember what is the main secret of the healthy skin during the cold seasons? You`re absolutely correct it is the hydration and nourishing. At the end of the autumn and in the winter, when we turn on the heating system at home and our car, facial skin has a tendency to dry out and to loose it`s healthy glowing. So to keep our skin fresh and moisturized we need to switch from the light summer creams to a heavier products with a stronger nourishing effect.

Today I want to talk to you about Faberlic Expert Pharma Cream - my new favourite cream, which became a part of my everyday skin care routine. It was formulated for sensitive skin and claims to fight the redness, irritations and regenerate it after the daily stress. Faberlic Expert Pharma Cream has a very pleasant texture and scent, but it takes a while to absorb well into the skin. I need to say that Expert Pharma does it`s job pretty good, by the morning the redness around my nose was gone and the skin felt very smooth and nourished.

Overall, I think that Faberlic Expert Pharma Cream is a very good product for the price and I can definitely recommend it for everyone who has a sensitive and dry skin. For those who has an oily skin type this cream could be a bit heavy. Faberlic Expert Pharma Cream retails for 6.05 GBP (9,6$) and if you are interested to buy this product you can contact me by email for more details - liza.breygel@gmail.com

And what is your favourite cold weather  moisturizer ?