makeup artist makeup application bright fairy makeup tutorial pictures

Hi angels! I feel like I haven`t been posting tutorials on my blog for ages! I missed them so much, and today I want to share with you a super easy but very unusual makeup look. I saw many interpretations of Rainbow Eyeliner makeup across the internet and always wanted to recreate it. I hope you will like it, girls, let`s start!

makeup artist makeup application bright fairy makeup tutorial pictures

1. Firstly prime your eyes and draw with a white eye pencil a desirable shape of your future rainbow eyeliner. The white pencil will make the colors brighter and will help them to last longer;

2. The first color I used was yellow, but you can choose any you want. Use a synthetic eyeliner brush for easy application and dab it on the pencil;

3. My next color is red, and I put a little bit of orange eye shadow between the red and yellow, to make the transition smoother;

4. Then goes the green eye shadow;

5. And the final color is blue. After I applied all the colors I used concealer to clean up the edge of the wing;

6.  The last step is to curl the lashes and add some false lashes (optional). And your rainbow eyeliner is done!

Please let me know if you liked my Rainbow Eyeliner Tutorial and if you have some interesting ideas or suggestions feel free to leave them for me in the comment section. I'll talk to you soon!

Lots of love,