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Faberlic Verbena Hand Cream / Review

winter essentials hand cream review blogger faberlic cosmetics
winter essentials hand cream review blogger faberlic cosmetics

We all know how it is important to moisturize our skin to keep it healthy and young looking, especially in winter. And even though it is summer in Brazil now, I have started to prepare myself for the cold weather. That`s why today I will talk to you about the Verbena Hand Cream by Faberlic - anti-aging moisturizing hand cream suitable for all skin types.

winter essentials hand cream review blogger faberlic cosmetics

As you can see from the pictures above Verbena Hand Cream comes in a regular 75 ml cream tube with a beautiful verbena flowers on it. I was very pleased with the ingredients` list, just look what an amazing products Faberlic put in this pink tube : shea butter, which fights with aging and pigmentation, microcrystalline wax, which moisturizes the skin and verbena officinalis extract, which well knows for it`s healing abilities. 

This product has a very pleasant scent, I don`t know why but it smells like citrus to me :) The consistency of the cream is quite thick, so you`ll need just a little bit to moisturize both hands. It absorbs very well and does not leave greasy layer on the skin. I have been using this cream for few weeks already and I need to say that I love the results, my hands are very smooth and they don`t feel dry or flaky. 

The Verbena Hand Cream retails just for 3.15 GBP (about $4,7) and I think it is a very small price for such a great product. Unfortunately Faberlic doesn`t delver their products worldwide for now, so if you are interested in this product email me at liza.breygel@gmail.com Thanks for being with me ladies, I wish you to have a great day and stay warm this winter :*

Lots of love,

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