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Polka Dot Nails / Easy Tutorial

liz breygel nails manicure dotted nails nail polish polka dotts nail art

Hello, ladies! Today`s post I want to dedicate for everyone who loves a neat fresh manicure, but sometimes don`t want to spend time on creating it. All you are going to need for this minimal Polka Dotted manicure is a bobby pin and some imagination. This dots are very easy to create and I promise you`ll enjoy the process very much! So let`s start:

1. Firstly colour your nails with your favourite nail polish. 

2. After it will dry dip bobby pin into the nail polish and create a little dots on your nail plate.

3. Finish your Polka Dot manicure with a coat of a clear nail polish and you`re done ;)

Girls I need to admit that it is one of my favourite everyday manicures. It takes just few minutes to do and looks amazing!  You can create so many patterns and colour combinations with one simple technique! I hope this post was interesting and useful for some of you. I wish you an amazing day, kisses :*

Lots of love,

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