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Natural Eye Shadow Palette by Born Pretty | Review & Swatches

liz breygel blogger eye shadow palette bps review

Today’s post I dedicate to all fans of neutral eye shadows and to all dupe lovers. Meet and greet Natural Eye Shadow Palette* by Born Pretty Store - one of the most loved and most purchased items on the store. This palette contains a perfect mix of neutral color, which are perfect for every day or night usage. So let's take a detailed look at this beauty!

liz breygel blogger eye shadow palette bps review

The Natural Eye Shadow Palette comes in my favorite sleek and simple packaging. There are 10 highly pigmented eyeshadows colors. Most of the colors are very pale and fresh, except for the last two shades - they are pretty bold and suitable for a smokey eye look. But all of the shades have a nice texture and it is very easy to apply and blend them. I haven't used any eyeshadow base underneath the shadows and they still look bright and last long. Here is a small description of the colors from the palette and the swatches.

liz breygel blogger eye shadow palette bps review

Upper row (left to right):

1. White (gold shimmer finish)

2. Champagne (gold shimmer finish)

3. Bright coral (gold shimmer finish)

4. Coffee with milk (gold shimmer finish)

5. Deep rose taupe (gold shimmer finish)

Lower row (left to right):

1. Pastel yellow (gold shimmer finish)

2. Peachy (gold shimmer finish)

3. Pumpkin orange (gold shimmer finish)

4. Bronze (gold shimmer finish)

5. Dark chocolate (gold shimmer finish)

elizabeth breygel beauty angel blogger

My overall thoughts about this palette - it is incredible! Natural Eye Shadow Palette costs only $13.25, so you can't go wrong.The quality of the eyeshadows is very good for the price, and if you want them to last longer and look brighter you can always use some primer for better results. So I can absolutely recommend this palette for all my angels, don’t forget to use a special 10 % discount code LIZH10. See you soon, lovelies.

Lots of love,