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Guest Post / Nivea Soft - Refreshingly Soft Moisturizing Cream Review

How are you guys? Today we have a very special guest on the blog, it is a lovey Sehrish and she is going to share with us her thoughts on Nivea Soft Moisturizing Cream. Sehrish is admin and writer of Review and Swatches - beauty, makeup and lifestyle blog and today she is going to share with us her thoughts on Nivea Soft Moisturizing Cream.

Hi! My name is Sehrish. Today, I am invited by the beautiful Liza, here at Beauty Angel to write a guest post. I am happy to be here. I have a review of Nivea Soft - Refreshingly Soft Moisturizing Cream.

Nivea is a very famous skin care brand, and one of my all time favorite skin care brands too! I purchased Nivea Soft Refreshingly soft Cream a few weeks ago, and as the winter has approached nearer, I thought to share it's review with all of you. This is a very lightweight and refreshing moisturizing cream as the name suggests. What I really like about this cream is that it is an all in one cream for using in winter, as Nivea suggest to use it on Face, Body, Hands and Feet! Wow! All got covered in one jar! I really like such all in one skincare and makeup products, because these products reduce the hassle and save time in the morning when time usually runs short!

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​As, this is a lightweight cream, it absorbs fast into the skin, without leaving any greasiness or oily residue. The skin is moisturized with a refreshing beautiful fragrance which is always very lovely in Nivea products. I am not a fragrance-friendly person when it comes to skincare products, but I really like it's fragrance.The fragrance lingers for an hour or so and then fades.

There is one bothersome point about this cream which is that it gives a shiny finish to skin after application and this shine stays for a while. Some people might like it but it can bother people with oily skin, who are already on the quest of mattifying the natural shine on their faces. But it is only shine, not greasiness or oiliness! So. I don't think it will mess with pores. It contains Jojoba Oil as it's main ingredients. So, check beforehand if it creates problem for your skin?

People with Combination skin will like it, because when in winter, a combination skin type behaves like crazy dry skin, this cream is a good solution, because it retains back the silky shine of combination skin and restores moisture without adding oil. It is good for almost all skin types except for oily skin due it's shine adding factor. It is quite nice option to consider for your winter skincare lists! I hope you enjoyed reading my review ;) 

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