eyeliner tip close up

I’m such a massive eyeliner wearer, it is hard to imagine the day when I don't use a liquid eyeliner to complete my makeup look. Depending on the occasion and my mood I like to play around with the style and thickness of the wing, it could be more or less dramatic and has a shorter or longer tail, but I love to wear it so much. Recently I receive this Miracle Romance Waterproof Eyeliner Pen by Lomeou* for a test drive and it became my everyday obsession.

black waterproof eyeliner

Let's start from discussing the packaging of the eyeliner, shall we! I'm a person who easily gets attracted by the cute packaging of beauty products. This liner comes in a pretty white and pink box with a kitten silhouette - very simple and attractive. The eyeliner itself comes in the shape of a simple pen, that's why it is so easy to work with the product and so comfortable to draw a line on your lids. The applicator of the Lomeou Waterproof Eyeliner is not hard, but has a soft nib on the end, it reminds me of an ink stick - traditional calligraphy tool, used in Japan.

black waterproof eyeliner swatch

So when I play around with my eyeliner wing I feel like an ancient calligraphy master! The tip of the brush is very thin, so you can create a very precise and natural-looking line, if you prefer a more neutral makeup. And of course you can draw thin dramatic cat eyes with this liquid eyeliner as well. Even if you are new to makeup, you will not have problems when applying your eyeliner with Lomeou liner, I'm absolutely sure!

This eyeliner has a beautiful matte finish and amazing pigmentation. It dries right after the application, so you don't need to worry about smudging it and ruining your eye makeup. It only needs one coat to be fully opaque and the color is very deep and intense. Miracle Romance Waterproof Eyeliner Pen by Lomeou claims to be waterproof. To tell the truth I don't need my makeup products to last 24/7 or be waterproof, but I can guarantee that this eyeliner will last forever on your lids. I literally was wearing it all day long from early morning till late at night, and it barely smudged and haven't lost it`s intensity. 

eye with cat eyeliner close up

Miracle Romance Waterproof Eyeliner Pen by Lomeou retails just for $2.99 at the moment - great quality for such a small price, I think. Born Pretty Store has a sale for beauty products, so hurry on to buy some treats for you and your loved ones. And don't forget to use a special code LIZH10 to receive a little discount, you can click the banner below to start your beauty journey. Love you and talk to you guys very soon!

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