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Blue Eyeliner / 5 Minute Makeup Tutorial

step by step perfect blue wing eyeliner tutorial blogger pictures liz breygel

Hi everyone, today I have another 5 Minute Makeup Tutorial for you, all you need to create this easy and beautiful makeup is cream eyeliner and any bright eye shadow in your makeup kit! I decided to use an intense matte blue eye shadow, because it goes with my winter mood, but you can add some shimmer or glitter to make it look more glam. So here are few easy steps to follow:

1. Start with the primer, this step will make your eyeliner to last longer. If you don`t have primer you can use some foundation or a concealer, it will work absolutely the same.

2. Line your upper lash line, don`t be afraid to play with it`s shape and lengths - be creative :) 

3. Apply with a small precised synthetic brush an eye shadow on the top of your eyeliner. You can clean and sharpen the edges of your wing with a concealer.

4. Curl your lashes and apply a generous coat of mascara, if you want you can add some falsies. Your Blue Eyeliner Makeup is done! 

 It literary took me 5 minutes or even less to line up my eyes. Such eyeliner will look brighter and last longer than a pencil wing, the only secret you need to know - apply the eye shadow before the cream eyeliner will dry. This will make the colour of an eye shadow super bright and minimize the fall outs.

Lots of love,

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